This oneshot story supposed to be special story for Yonghwa birthday. This story also featured in special short story collection book entitled In Between by me and fellow boice to celebrate Yonghwa's birthday.

more information about the book read here



Mari Park

‘Your beloved and only brother make your only daughter suffering in front of her notebook Mum, where do you think I’ll be going?’





Jung Yonghwa

‘Good morning Miss. Park, you have 25 minutes to write me two stories, ten pages each.’






Park Shinhye

‘Yes, just continue to write your story and I bet you’ll be struggling to count your money then,’

I randomly checking popular story to read and guess what did I find? this story, Monday was there!!! OMG thank you very much readers :))))

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Chapter 3: Great story!
riotanitnot #2
cieee... main castnya yongshin nih..
baru nemu >.<
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 1: I loved your story authornim....
Yonghwa really such a devil uncle kekekeke