Sick B!tch


Lu Han found himself in an uncomfortable situation when he accidentally bumped into a woman he hated, years after he called her a “sick b!tch.”



“Never ignore someone who cares for you because someday you'll realize you've lost a diamond while you were busy collecting pebbles. 永远不要忽视关心你的人,总有一天,你会意识到在你忙着收集鹅卵石时,却丢失了一颗钻石”




Hello, everyone.  ^^  So, I've decided to write a 2 shot to fulfill my crazy imagination.  OTL  I'm really sorry to my current readers because I have 3 fanfics, but I couldn't shake this story off....  >_<  My mind just went haywired and wouldn't stop thinking about this story.  I will admit that something like this is something that I don't usually write.

Hope you all enjoy~~

P.S.  Thank you, insanefantasy, for making the original poster for me!!!  MMUUUAAAH~~

As of Sept. 17, 2014: thank you, royaldeer, for making such an amazing poster and background for me out of your own love for this story.  T^T  I can't thank you enough for the love and support.




In addition, I've been recieving requests for translations.  If you would like to translate this story, please read these rules first and then send me a PM.  Thank you!!  ^^

Gadis Gila - the Indonesian translation by mitsuka501


So, KilarKookiez, was sweet enough to list my fanfic for her "Top 3 Fanfics of the Week" in her video.  Check out the video to see what place this story won and her channel for up coming top fanfics of the week.  ^^

Everyone... I'm practically drowning in your sea of tears. Please don't cry anymore. T^T

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loveyellowxoxo #1
Chapter 2: uhhhh depressing T_T
Chapter 2: Such a good story!
Chapter 2: CRIED SO MUCH FROM START TO FINISH OH MY GOSH. THE TEARS DOESNT STOP. ughhhh tugged my heartstrings
dotienotie #4
Chapter 4: I'm always a er for one-sided love story. I didn't expect much from this but I ended up crying my off. This is a beautiful story.
ctnajihah #5
Chapter 2: <3<3<3
yiseulbi #6
Omg!!! I read this years back and I can't believe I found this beautiful story again;-; this is so nice I can't even- i remember everytime I wanted to read an angst fanfic, I'll find this story cause it's that beautiful:''")
Guardiannoona7 #7
Thankyou for this beautiful story! And make me cryingggggg juhuhuhu
Chapter 2: Huhuhuhuhu this is so sad even though I'm done reading it still make me cry. Good job author-nim I really loved it
luexolu726 #9
Chapter 2: This is really tragic gosh T_T
86 streak #10
Chapter 2: I feel like the way Ryu Jinae acts and loves Luhan is a bit psychotic. she's a really pitiful character after all.