Married to Him

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Married to Him


Since that day, when we got married. My life has since changed.

Nothing has ever gone right. You never come home early, you 

never eat what I cook. You always ignore me, when I greet you.

Why? Why is my life so bad?







" Darling? Quickly come here!" My stepmother called sickenly sweet. I rolled my eyes as I hastened my pace towards the table. I straightened my dress before sitting down elegantly. At that moment, I noticecd that sitting across me, is a handsome and cute boy, smiling brightly and chatting with my father. I bit my lips, looking elsewhere.



Someone pinched my thigh suddenly, and I yelped in silence, jumping slightly on my chair. The lady beside that boy, looked at me with concern. "Are you alright Su Min?" I nodded as I sensed my stepmother's glare at me.



"Well, we all know why we're all sitted around this table." My father spoke, attracting my attention," This meeting is to discuss about the marriage of Kim Su Min and Jeon Jungkook." I sipped on my drink and choked on it. I placed it on the table, coughing harshly. Another pinch came. I smiled fakely at them, indicating that I was alright. Not.



Well my story ever be fairytale? Live Happily Ever After? I guess not...











K I M  S U  M I N ;


H E R ;


Ever since her beloved mother died,

her father remarried to a elegant and

beautiful woman. On the outside. 

Somehow, she brainwashed her father,

changing her father to a cold and harsh

father, never smiling to her again.


A puppet to her parents, never defying

them. A ice princess in school, everyone

hates her. Known to be the second

smartest student in the whole school.


Forced to be in a arranged marriage with





tumblr_msfllxAzDp1qmt94ho1_500.jpgJ E O N  J U N G K O O K ;

H I M ;


A cold-hearted kingka, part of

Bangtan Boys, in school.

Every single girl is attracted to

him, except HER. Has a pretty

and y girlfriend, a Queenka

named Park Hyerin.


Is never on good relationship

with others, except for close

friends. Hates it when people

bother him while he's doing 



Is forced to be in a arranged

marriage with HER.








P A R K  H Y E R I N ;


T H E  Q U E E N K A ;


To HIM , she's the sweetest

and prettiest girl in the world.


To HER , she's just air. 

like the others.


To others, she is the evilest

and est queenka they

have ever met.


A rich queenka, plus

pretty and y. Every

man's dream come true.


Hates HER    to the core,

will do anything to get

rid of HER.






This is my first time writing a angst arrangedmarriage fanfic, since I've always loved angst arrangedmarriage stories. Please remembered that I might change some parts at times, the description etc. Characters may be added anytime.



I'll be not updating weekly, because PSLE. Yes, please google that, i'm too lazy to define, the meaning, but i'll say that it means " Primary Six Leaving Examination", and that Primary Six part, proves that i'm a small kid, yes, so it means that my writing skills is not that good or advanced yet. 






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first started on; 25/06/2014

ended on; 7/11/2014

genre; Slight Angst / Arrangedmarriage




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I wrote this story when I was just a grade 6 student. You shouldn't expect some great af stories with great descriptions and good grammar where it would be featured one day. This story's main character is Jungkook - you guys shouldn't really comment about," What happened to Sehun though? " " I came here to read about Sehun. " but sorry not sorry, this story is about Jungkook x Oc, and not Sehun x Oc. I'm not planning to rewrite the story, to make it better because i find it alright the way it is. When a story is complete, it just is. Take it as one of those dramas that has an ending that makes you ask," What happened to ---- ? " 

You guys hate Jungkook but I strongly believe that the more you hate one character, it means that i'm writing well ^^ shameless meh x3
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