"A" - Markjin Version

"A" - Markjin Version
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-“A” (Markjin version)-



Jinyoung let out a smile when he reached the playground. For some reason, there was no one in that place in that particular time of the day.

He walks towards the direction of one of the bench and sit on it. He was actually looking for a perfect place where he could read his new book peacefully and finding the playground empty made him happy.

Jinyoung could’ve read his book in his dorm room but his roommate has a visitor and him being the nice roommate that he was, decided to let his roommate and his visitor have the room for them. Not to mention that he knows he wouldn’t be able to enjoy reading, hearing their excited and a bit loud conversation.

He let out a sigh. Of course he prefers the comfort of his room but then reading outside doesn’t look like a bad idea since he found an empty place, the weather and scenery are nice too.

‘It looks peaceful,’ Jinyoung thought as he sits comfortably on the bench. As soon as he’s comfortable enough, he opens his book and starts reading.

As soon as Jinyoung starts reading, he immediately gets engrossed with the book. He loves reading for the reason that not only he’s learning a lot of things but he also feels like he’s traveling to different places.

With the peaceful environment the empty playground provided him, Jinyoung completely became oblivious to his surroundings.

Time flies while Jinyoung happily reads his book. He’s in the middle of reading when a sudden sound of a bouncing ball reaches his ear.

He looks up from the book he’s reading and there, in front of him he sees Jaebum, one of the most popular guys in their school looking at him. His lips has this satisfied smile on it seeing that Jinyoung’s now looking back at him.

Knowing that he got his attention, Jaebum continues dribbling the ball to the opposite side of the basketball ring and when he stops, he looks at Jinyoung and then he mouthed an, “Okay” to him before he faces the direction of the basketball ring. Jaebum dribbles the ball and then prepares for a shoot.

Jaebum release the ball from his hand, shooting on the basketball ring. Jaebum’s eyes follow the ball, waiting for the outcome of his shooting and so was Jinyoung.

And so when the ball gets inside the basketball ring, Jinyoung saw Jaebum looks back at him and gave him that victory smile, as he shows that the outcome was what he’s expected. With matching “V” sign on him, knowing that he’s watching him. Jaebum then continue dribbling the ball and playing with it.

Jinyoung’s still watching Jaebum but when he sees him continue playing with the ball, Jinyoung prepares to resume his reading.

Jinyoung was about to look back on his book when he noticed that Jaebum’s walking towards him. He waits the guy to reach him.

“Jinyoungie… you like me right?” Jaebum asks with ball still in his hand.

Jinyoung blinks and just stare at Jaebum. He was surprised with the sudden question but he answers him anyways.

“Of course JB hyung...” Jinyoung replied to him, calling Jaebum with his nickname. His answer was a clear yes but there was a hidden “but” after that.

Jinyoung wasn’t lying when he said that he likes Jaebum but not in a romantic way. Jinyoung and Jaebum actually grew up together, they are childhood friends and so he considers Jaebum like a brother.

Jinyoung also knows that Jaebum tend to ask him those question when he wants a favor from him.

And besides, Jinyoung likes someone else romantically and Jaebum knows about that fact.

Speaking of the person that Jinyoung likes, from the corner of his eye, he sees the said person riding his skateboard. His name is Mark. He’s one of Jaebum’s close friends from the dance club they are members of.

Mark Tuan, the known flying member of their school’s dance club. He’s as popular as Jaebum. Wherein, Jaebum’s expertise is in b-boying, Mark is popular for his martial arts tricking.

The first time Jinyoung met Mark, he actually like him immediately. Well who wouldn’t? With his flaming red hair and his handsome face, Jinyoung of course couldn’t help but be attracted with the guy. He was actually surprised that despite of the guy’s popularity, Mark’s actually quiet, shy and sometimes a bit kind of awkward. He’s different when he dances though. 

He and Mark don’t belong to the same class and their only connection is Jaebum, but since he and Jaebum are very good friends, they hang out together and somehow along those times, Jinyoung got to know Mark, become his friend and then fell for him.

Mark doesn’t talk that much but when he does, people couldn’t help but to listen to him.

Jinyoung likes Mark’s quiet presence. There’s something about it that Jinyoung couldn’t help but be drawn to. He even felt safe when he’s around.

Whenever he’s near Mark, Jinyoung couldn’t help but to feel this fluffy feeling, like a thousand butterflies having a gathering inside his stomach.

But of course no one knows how he feels for the red head. It’s his secret and he hopes no one finds out about it. Jinyoung doesn’t even think about confessing to him, why? Well simply because Mark’s the popular guy, he‘s got lot of students admiring him and besides who was he to be like by that amazing red head? Sure he’s the student body’s president who loves reading books but Jinyoung’s not confident that Mark would feel the same towards him. Jinyoung’s also scared of confessing, he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship he shares with Mark if he suddenly confesses and Mark doesn’t feel the same. He doesn’t want to cause an awkward atmosphere between them and so he chose to keep his feelings from him.

But it doesn’t mean he can’t love him secretly right?

And now seeing Mark, Jinyoung starts getting conscious. He’s always like that when Mark’s around.

Jinyoung sees Mark gets something inside his pocket and seconds later saw that it was his phone. Mark then stops riding the skateboard and sits on it, phone still on hand and then he starts typing something on his phone.

Jinyoung wonders what Mark’s doing with his phone. He’s curious whether the latter is playing with it or he’s texting someone but before he could think much about it Jaebum speaks, getting his attention back to him.

“Wassup? You didn’t answer my call earlier.” Jaebum asks, he then looks around and then return his attention to Jinyoung. “Jinyoungie, are you here alone? I’m bored. Do you wanna play basketball?” Jaebum asks.

Since they are childhood friends of course there are lots of times that they do play with each other. But this time Jinyoung doesn’t want to play basketball. He actually wants to continue reading his book or maybe he could just stare secretly on the guy sitting on his skateboard that’s still busy with his phone.

Hearing no reply from Jinyoung, Jaebum speaks again.

“Jinyoungie don’t be shy.” Jaebum said. Jaebum actually knows Jinyoung’s feelings for Mark. Jaebum thought that the reason why Jinyoung’s reluctant on joining the game was because of Mark’s presence. He heard the sound of Mark’s skateboard earlier, an indication that Mark finally arrived. Jaebum also noticed how Jinyoung looks behind him and he suddenly gets conscious.

Jinyoung looks at Jaebum and then looks at Mark. Mark and Jinyoung made a short eye contact, before he quickly looks away, his eyes returning to Jaebum.

Jaebum continues on persuading Jinyoung to join him to play basketball and while he keeps on doing that Jinyoung then noticed that Mark already stop with whatever he’s doing with his phone and had put it back on his pocket and now he’s walking towards them.

Jinyoung takes a quick look at the persuasive Jaebum and then to the approaching Mark.

When Mark reaches them, he surprised both Jaebum and Jinyoung on his next action.

“Jinyoung, come with me.” Mark says and then he grab Jinyoung’s hand, hauls him up from the bench he’s sitting at and then leads him towards the direction of his skateboard.

Jinyoung was surprised with the sudden move from Mark thus the reason why he couldn’t react immediately and let himself be drag by the latter. Not to mention that Mark holding his hand really made him incoherent.

After Mark grabbed his hand and takes him away from Jaebum, Mark keeps walking and Jinyoung just follows him. Jinyoung sees Mark looks back and gave him a worried look that he can’t help but to keep on wondering why.

They keep on walking and suddenly Mark stops and so does he.

Mark then faces Jinyoung, and Jinyoung stares back at him still with the same surprised expression on his face.

Mark let go of Jinyoung’s hand and Jinyoung tried not to look disappointed.

“Sorry. Did I surprise you?” Mark then asks him with a worried expression on his face.

Jinyoung blinks and honestly speaking he still can’t get over with what happened earlier. He even felt disappointed when Mark let go of his hand. How he wished Mark didn’t let go of it, Mark’s hand was warm and Jinyoung felt safe when Mark held it earlier.

“Jinyoung?” Mark calls him once again and this time Jinyoung finally replies to him.

Jinyoung shakes his head.

“A bit. Why did you do it?” Jinyoung curiously asks. 

“Jaebum can be a bit persuasive when he wants something and you look like you needed help escaping him” Mark explained. “Am I right?” Mark added.

Jinyoung can’t help but to let out

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