Fragile Things


Title: Fragile Things
Pairing/Focus: general, with slight Sunggyu/Myungsoo
Rating: PG
Length: 5,439 words
Summary: “I’d rather recollect a life misspent on fragile things than spent avoiding moral debt.” Divergent AU, sort of! Myungsoo gets caught. Sunggyu blames himself, no matter what anyone else says. They learn a few things in the process. 



Written for the IMB/IBB 2014 :) 

Author’s Note: I have no idea how this happened. I was just thinking of Sunggyu with a gun, Sunggyu teaching Myungsoo how to fire a gun and it snowballed into this thing. I might write more in this verse. Maybe. Also inspired by the VCRs from the One Great Step concert. Quote’s from Neil Gaiman’s collection entitled Fragile Things

Notes: In Divergent, the world is divided into factions, which are personified by a specific way of thinking.

Abnegation – The Selfless, Amity – The Peaceful, Candor – The Honest, Dauntless – The Brave, Erudite – The Intelligent

The Team – A group of people who don’t agree with the faction way of thinking, aiming for a unified country with people living beyond their faction’s way of life. The Team is divided into several subsections that are given specific tasks such as research and development, field, etc. This wasn’t in the original trilogy but the idea of having it in this AU fascinated me. 

And another note, I don’t have anything against the other idols mentioned here! I just needed names and imagining them as bad- villains kind of took over.

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