Mochi Roleplay [ OPEN | READ CHPT 1 ]



Have you ever thought of roleplaying as your favorite group member from your favorite group?

Well, you CAN now roleplay as them here in this roleplay group!

This group features tons of unique activities to participate into and we promise

you that you'll have fun.


What can I do if I join?
Oh my~ We guarantee you'll be having a lot of fun here because in this RP, you can:
1. Get a boyfriend/girlfriend.
2. Mingle with other users.
3. Get married ;)
4. Have kids (it's up to your imagination though)
5. Join our WGM system and our mansion <3 (Will explain more about this on Chapter 4)
6. Especially have fun
Chapter 2: Taken Idols
Chapter 4: Our system
Chapter 5: Wishlist


How do you make an account and join the fun, btw?
MAKE AN FB ACCOUNT ON THE PERSON WHO YOU WANT TO RP AS ^^ Then post the URL to the profile and we'll add you to the group. 


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Chapter 1: What memories we had here, i miss it..but that doesn't mean i regret being here. I'll never forget mochi <3 - Krystal.
I'm leaving Mochi. This was my first roleplay, so many of things I've experienced here were some of the best. Unfortunately, I have to bid farewell to it. ^^' I'll miss it here.

- Park Hyungshik
[deactivated] #3
Can I be T-ara's Hyomin?
BoomSunnyx #4

Sori :D
cookiecreamy #5
can i be Super junior's Ryeowook?
Hello, why can't I see the Wishlist? *cries* But I am choosing who I will be~~ ^^
The groups are all nice and interesting~~~ ^^ <3 I hope I can join here~ ^^ <3
Hello, I just want to ask why I can't view the Wishlist? I am planning of joining~~ Thank you so much~ ^^
[deactivated] #9
can I be Miss A's Suzy please?;3