Blind Heirs (hiatus.)

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YooJung is a girl who is rich but physically blind due to her real father's death.



The only thing she can do to live in this cruel world is to listen with her ears.



The only thing she loves doing is playing piano. It expresses her true emotion.



Back when her father was still alive, she was not blind. 



She was adopted by a rich business man who owned a big company in South Korea, but she'd never seen him as her own father. 







What if one day, someone came into her life to change it for the better? 


What if she could finally be able to see again?


What if a cold hearted man were to fall in love with her?




"보지 않아도 보여서."
"Without looking, I'm be able to see you."







Characters :






Byun Baekhyun

baekhyun for ceci magazine


Bang Yongguk


Kim Woobin





A/N : Please support this story always and leave some comments too♥ This story is an angst story but it will possibly contain a small dose of fantasy(slight-fantasy)^^


❥ Reviews for this story 

This may be the spoilers so read at your own risk xD



"A girl (Kim Yoo Jung) became blind due to depression. She loves to play the piano, because she can express her true emotions. The cause of her depression was the murder of her beloved parents. Eventually, she finds a man who will only leave her in the end, and a love triangle will be created. Aside from the cliché romance, Yoo Jung is a beautifully developed character. By the way she was described, she can capture the hearts of readers instantly."

- Taodaypanda | HeartBreak review shop


"It somewhat did. The title, 'Blind Heirs' made me think about what the fanfic was about. The description supported the title and I think that's what all stories should do. So, great job!"

- Exogirl14 | Exogirl's14 Review Shop


"When I first saw  the title, it made think "Hm might be about a rich guy who is cold hearted, and he falls in love with a girl." I wasn't right about the story but it was close. The title was really effective, it really sumed up the story."

- Kpopulzzangforever | Tomboy Review Shop


"The title intrigues the reader with something unique and unexpected. From the title I could assume that the story probably has an extremely cold lead or both of the characters are somewhat impaired. It is able to capture the readers’ imagination and attempt to formulate the contents of the story.  Overall, the work of fiction was well constructed and had the capability to make me question "What if?" all throughout the forward which compels me to read more and discover this beautifully mysterious character that is Kim Yoo Jung. It is absolutely beautiful and you deserve every credit that you ever get by it. I truly loved it!!" 

- TheSparliestVampire | Pie-licious Review Shop


"I can’t really say much about your characters because you merely have only one chapter posted and story is developing. You didn’t lacked on details which is good."

- deedee_zelo90 | VICTORIOUS Reviews&Graphics


"The title is intriguing and pulls in the reader so kudos to you. Kim Yoo Jung is a very detailed character and I'm not sure about the rest but so far so good ! The story flows nicely with flashbacks where needed."

- EXO4ever26 | Love's Review Shop


"The way you wrote your description was really attracting, and it has a very strong sense of angst. I like your story plot a lot, because you created it such that it seemed like a girl who had never went out before meets a boy, and falls in love."

- GracelamluvSuJu | Loading Your Imagination Review Shop


"There’s a worry in my head that it might flow same with The Heirs (I watched it and omg I love it! Ehem back to my review--) and it might not be a new story anymore. I like stories that are based off dramas, movies or mangas or whatever others but sometimes, it was too similar that it didn’t retain the mystery and there’s no more thrill. I implore that yours, even though it was based The Heirs and Angel Eyes, it would still not be predictable."

- A-Dose-Of-Kai | Asian Mermaids Cafe


"However the idea of your story seems really original so I like it in a way.  I've never read anything like this."

- -Zellomello | Blue Bubbles Review Shop


"Your story has a good beginning,  very organised. Very clear of either who is talking of any action! Just for the Author's note you might want to add a line to seperate it from the story. Good details. Detailing the characters' feelings and more details! You are doing good in this section[10/10]. Overall, the story was great with the 'blind theme' however it sounded like the k-drama The Heirs. But I might be looking forward to your story."

-ButterCookies_ | Pink Paris Review Shop


"I kinda like your description actually. It's pulling me to read your story."

-Baekbaek_xoxo | The Devil's Army


"I gave you such a high points for the foreshadowing technique that you put in between your writings. Intentionally or not, I noticed you have dropped a few hints that will eventually lead to the twists of the story, including the guy who killed Yoo Jung’s parents and caused her to lose her sight - the 11st of December guy – as well as Yoo Jung’s step father’s disagreement regarding Yoo Jung’s social life. I also wonder why would these two rich couple adopt Yoo Jung if in the end they do not treat her as a princess like a normal couple who adopts children would do. I believe there is some sort of a connection behind Yoo Jung’s biological parents’ death to her step ones. Looking forward as to how you’ll open up the piles of twists in the upcoming chapters. Keep up the good work."



"Your title is really captivating on my eyes an very intriguing. It will pull the readers to subcribe and continue reading the whole fic. At first I was worried that it will have the same story as The Heirs but you prove it that I'm wrong. I like stories that are based from MV's, TV shows , K-Dramas or movies but it seemed it will not be a new story but the idea of your story seems original for me,cause I never read anything like this and as I read on by chapther you dropped some hints which leads to some twist and turns of you story."

- Littleedeeer | Hyde Review shop


"Maybe it's too early to say this or maybe there are other meanings to your title but "Blind Heirs"  literally gave me the impression of a bunch of blind chaebols. However, there's so far only one of them being blind. Other than that, I see no problem with your title, it's unique and appealing to those who appreciate stories like this. The flow and consistency so far has been perfect. Hope that you will continue this good work in your future chapters! :D"

- THEANGELVAMPIRE | «Fast ♦ Easy» AD & Review Shop 


"This plot is really unique, I haven't seen any similar plot like this before! You have a good beginning that gave off a chinese 'proverb' aura! The title is really unique, I haven't seen a similar plot before and I guess it was also an inspiration from the drama The Heirs? And is it more than one heir so that there is the 's' after the word Heir?"

- ButterCookies_ | BubbleTea Multishop


"I fell in love with YooJung's character![5/5] The description was perfect, not too descriptive nor too short.[5/5]"



"The plot isn't exactly original or special, it's exactly what the description and title summed up. However, I had to say that despite all of it, I actually really enjoyed and like the plot somehow.The plot isn't a cliche plot which I thought I would be reading in the beginning. I really love the amount of tension you're building up, there is just so many holes that you need to fill that it's so exciting. Your characterization was done right, but it also conflicted with some reactions they had during the story. There's a lot of explanation and describing them in the future to help build their character in the later story. Other than that, you did really well in building characters so far.  I personally enjoyed my read despite the few chapters. I really can't wait to know what happens and what you are going to unveil soon. I am pretty sure your readers are antsy and curious of what is going to happen."

- TangledLove | ❝Wonder Sky❞ Advertisement and Review Shop


"I don't remember reading any blind story here so good job on that. But minus her disability, the story is quite predictable. She's depressed, she meets someone, she's finally happy, and then he leaves. There are only three chapters though! So there's a lot of room for twists and plot development!"

-  IAMANEXOFAN | «Fast ♦ Easy» AD & Review Shop 


"I must say that this story was already a little time on my "want to read"-list, so when I got the opportunity to review it right now, I didn't hesitate. Your title is what drew me to your story to start reading it. It does fit the story so far. If you see the title, the picture or image that comes to mind, is like a beautiful sweet girl, who's blind, but loved by certain people around her. But as it says "Blind Heir", you may already predict, that the blindness of the girl is not the only that's going on. It definitely gives a lot of meaning to the story. As I sad before, the title triggers the curiosity of the readers and therefor draws them in to actually start reading your story. To me personally, I think you made the right choice by choosing that title. Because it doesn't sound boring at all. [10/10] The description is perfect! Actually, when you start reading the description, you don't want to stop. It screams angst, drama and romance and those are the feelings that you should have while reading the story. So, *thumbs up!* As for now, we could only read and experience a little part yet of your story. From what I read already, I do think it will be a good story. It certainly triggers the attention and curiosity of the readers. The foreword you used for the presentation of the characters. So that's fine. [10/10]"

- StephLovesKCulture | ✎ Steph's Bookclub Review Shop


"The title is nice and imprecise. It doesn’t give much away (except the ‘Blind’ part, of course) and it makes someone want to figure out what it means. When I saw the title it made me think “Who is the ‘Blind Heir’? What does that mean?” And clearly I’m not the only one that wants to know exactly what the title has to do with the story. I like how there wasn’t an instant connection of the title to the story, that way, when the connection does come, people will think “So that’s why the title is Blind Heir.” which will make readers have a more deeper interest in the story.[20/20] // I’ve never read a story like this, so I think the plot is very unique."

- ToniSHINeeslikeEXO | Sehun's Review and Recommendation Café


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