25 Lifetimes


Zhoumi was given twenty-five lives to find Henry and love him. Each one is a little or a lot different from the last one. In one life. Henry was blonde and didn't love Zhoumi. In the next, he was brunette and he did. 

Inspired by: 25 Lives by Tongari and A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.


I remember the very first time I met you. You were blonde. You had freckles that covered your cheeks. Your smile was a bright as the sun. You were not much taller than I. When I saw you, you were passing me on the streets. You were talking with some friends, and you bumped into me. You said you were sorry and then you left. 

This fic has been translated in Vietnamese! A big thanks to LittleMissMoony and Alice Chang! 

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LittleMissMoony #1
Chapter 1: Hi, it's me again, commenting for the second time =))

Like I said before, this story is too beautiful to be true. Thus I'm asking for your permission to translate it into Vietnamese, my native language. I work for an online fic-team called "The Lovers of Nanyang", whose main fandom is SJ M with the biggest OTP being ZhouRy. We ensure you that we will credit you full, if we are to undertake this project, and we will send you the link to confirm if necessary. Also, we promise we won't drop it halfway.

Thank you in advance.

LittleMissMoony #2
Chapter 1: This is too beautiful to be true...<3
awesome. can i translate that fic into russian language, please?
Chapter 1: omgg i love thiss!!
kpop_5ever #5
Chapter 1: i cant handle this i just have so many bubblies this was cute and sad and just awwww
Chapter 1: I loved it. Thank you for the awesome birthday story. Totally makes up for killing Henry in your other story.