You May Now Kiss The... Bride?


Sooo... This is the sequel to my previous story, Why Don't You Marry Me Instead?, which you would probably want to read first. But it's okay if you won't. But it's actually better to read that one first. And also I'm terribly sorry for the grammar. I'm still at English, but I'm currently learning to be better. And seriously, what the heck I'm talking about? Please enjoy reading, and make sure to comment and subscribe!!

Oh, also I have another fic coming. I wrote it for a writing competition in my campus so I'll post it after the announcement for the winners. I don't think I would win though, but wish me luck!


“...You may now kiss the bride.”

Sehun and Luhan look at each other, silently debating on who’s going to be the bride.

“You’re the bride, right, Lu?”

“No way! You be the bride!”

“What?? Why me?? I’m too manly to be the bride!”

“Yeah, says the man who shrieked over a dead cockroach.”

Kris, the priest, decides that the lover’s argument that happens in front of him is pointless and says outloud,

“Fine. You may now kiss each other and let’s get this ceremony done. Please, I’m really tired, you know.”

All eyes are suddenly on Kris because of it.

no sequel for this sequel. sorry,,

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Thehun07943 #1
Chapter 1: IM SO DONE. *dies of fluff and cuteness*
I can't get over gosh /whispers/ it would be awesome to make this into a chaptered fic *ehem*
ANYWAAYYYSSS it was fun-tastic! Great story keep it up!! Hwaiting~ = w =)/
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 1: Istg, Sehun is so dumb (not)- I MEAN WHAT EVEN. Cute story means cute author, don't you think. /shot bc failed. Okay, for real, the story is great!1 and funny. Love it. ~*
aini_13 #3
Chapter 1: huahaaahahaha... Sehun..LOL
Chapter 1: aaahhh finally the sequeal!! yeaaayy :DD
this was hilarious.. LOL as expected XD especially when you used Creepy Flirt Guy #1 and #2 I kennot ROFL
you know when you made this as one shot and I requested for a sequel... then when finally the sequel is here... I can't never got enough and feel want to ask you to make this into a chaptered fic kekekeke #dontmindme XDD
please write more and never stop! :D
CrazyTine #5
Chapter 1: I knew the free money was inspired by Brain Games. Well, it should have the picture of the eyes on the wall to see if Sehun will really get money. And hey! That was amazing. I wonder what will happen to the guy who harrased Luhan. Ahahahaha! Another sequel!
aiiiyouuu #6
Chapter 1: This is too awesome.
aiiiyouuu #7
Chapter 1: I JUST CAN't.
xuan947 #8
Chapter 1: This is seriously the best fic i ever read.....good job authornim
Imyme700 #9
Chapter 1: hahaha.. i like the scene when they fought over who is the bride.. lol
Chapter 1: Good job mi. Not bad at all ^^ keep writing. I love it.