Before I was Blind (by Love)

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Before I was blind by love, I was by myself.

Sehun learns that, when you love so deep, you are willing to do anything, including changing yourself.

Because. Love.

Before I was blind by love, I was lonely. But not anymore. I am never lonely when I am with you.


Hiya! New oneshot here :) I woke up this morning and the idea came to me all of a sudden, again I will be trying something new so I hope you guys will enjoy this! Like most of my other oneshots, this story will be in Sehun's point of view, and there will be fluff! The oneshot will be presented in small episodes, and the 'after' in contrast with the 'before.'

P.S. I hope I don't make too many grammar errors in this because of the switch between past and present tense from time to time.

-Love, Bambi

Vietnamese trans (link) - kimmitom


background music - A Thousand Years by Christina Perri


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Chapter 1: Idky but happened to re-read this fic again... ah how i miss hunhan (and you of course)...... :''')
Chapter 1: this was pure beauty..and its cute story..
16 streak #3
Chapter 1: So beautiful
Chapter 1: Ohh, I need something small to read, like reall quick and cute and then I saw this and I was 'I will just read this one, it looks cute' and it was cute, soooo adorable. Thank you for writing this small cuteness author-nim ♡
anaha10 #5
Chapter 1: Oh!!its jst woooooow!! :)
Is Luhan a girl here?
Chapter 1: this is so sweet..i can't even contain my feels..Oh Sehun you sweet little ..
Chapter 1: Wuaaaaahhhh... so sweeeeetttttt...
it's all because of love, with love and for loveeee...
I love you authornim.. #uppss.. bambi I mean :*
elugant #9
Chapter 1: AHHHHHH SO CUTE !!!!
kimmitom #10
Ah Good job author-nim!! This one makes me understand how you are when you really love a person, maybe it's a blind love which makes heart beat. And could i translate it into Vietnamese ?