The Misadventures of Dumb and Dumber in Winner Fanfic World


The rapper line gets paranoid after discovering Jinyoon and Namsong fanfics.


Annyeong, Winner stans~!! I know you miss Winner, I badly miss them, too. Can they debut soon? And to all Aces-slash-Blackjacks, congrats on the swag comeback of our queens! ^^

So, this story has a rich history. LOL! It started while I was thinking of a 2Seung story for Ghe. Then there goes my y same-age-chingoo-ish Chy, we talked about Winner fanfics and wondered if there are s stories for other Winner ships. Then I thought of this crazy idea about Seunghoon, being the Park Yoochun of Winner. Cassiopeias know by heart that Park Yoochun is the president of the most legit homo-pairing in KPop history, Yunjae. So I thought of Seunghoon as the president of every ing Winner ship. Then idea of Seunghoon reading Winner fanfics came.

The original idea was Seunghoon will share the stories to Seungyoon, hence I now have a 2Seung for my Ghe bb. But a part of me whispered, "Imagine how the Dumb and Dumber couple would react if they found these stories." Dumb and Dumber discovering Winner fanfics is the best plot I've ever thought of. (Yes, I am ing complimenting myself because I am swag. LOL!) Hence the birth of this very long story. (This is kind of Minwoo but more of playful Minwoo. I ship them hard, I can't resist writing them! ^_^)

Anyway, I would like to give my sincerely thanks and sarang to the following authors: kangsong-authornim, infadel-authornim, owner of blamewinner.tumblr.comsometimeforever-authornim, snoaz-authornim, and Greytxii-authornim (I honestly can't finish your fanfic~!!! LOL!) You write great Winner fanfics and please write more!!! Special thanks to Chy for giving me the Namsong fanfics link. ^^ Kindly give love to these authors and their stories.

Off to the story~! Please spread the Winner love~! ^^ *fandom hug*

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