Angel Knows


Sometimes, an angel doesn’t have wings, gorgeous looks or shines all the way.




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“I wish you could be as awesome as Yuri. Today I watch her swimming and she’s literally took my breath away.”


“Why are you so nice all the time? I wish you could be a little ‘bad’ you know? I think bad boys or girls are interesting.”


“I want to be carried in bridal style too..”

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Jun_2388 #1
Chapter 1: I cried while reading this story... It's a good story...
I've got the feel so clearly... Coz, Actually, i had a boyfriend that just had 1 legs, like taeyeon character at this fanfic. So i can feel it very well.
lensosi #2
Chapter 1: Awwww. This is a good read! I cried a little. Hahahaha.
Knight_taeny #3
Chapter 1: That hurts. At least Taeyeon found someone better . Dandyu FTW . Lmao
OMG, this story deseves a lot of attention. Totally Taeyeon deserves someone better but I still felt bad for Tiffany. She realized it too late. Anyway, dandyu's a good catch though :-)
Chapter 1: What are you doing. You're breaking my heart. ㅠ.ㅠ it hits too close to home and I'm just like..dying
Chapter 1: HA that's what Tiffany's gets ;| Excuse moi french *wink wink
I liked how the story developed. Not too fast or slow, for a one-shot. It hurt, but I'm rooting for Dandyu. ;D
tiffany_hwangmiyoung #7
Ahhh it's hurt :( :(
blingstar_ #8
Chapter 1: How can you get the better when you once had the best.
Huufftt... That's true, sometimes we don't know what we have until they're gone, we don't appreciate what we have until we lose it.
We don't really know what we want, we don't really know what we need.
We take the best one we could ever had for granted.
Then in the end we're left with nothing but a heart full of regret. T^T
cornet #9
Chapter 1: Waoo this fic is really great!
dollythesheep #10
Chapter 1: awh dumb fany lol but id like it more if there will be sequel, but i dun want sunny to get hurt damn. sooyoung is the key! taeny forever TT_TT