Conflicting Forces


Two top actresses. Rivals. Working together?


Flashes of light coming from different cameras blinded the young actress as she make her way to the center of the stage, eye smiling and waving rigorously to the fans, flashing her pearl white teeth. Being good in her profession, nothing became a hindrance for her to be this famous. Nothing, except one.


The attention she previously had was stolen when another girl of her age came parading down the aisle. The paparazzis scrambled towards her to steal a shot or two. While she politely acknowledge them and pose cutely, but not before sending a mocking smirk at the left out dumbfounded actress.


Choi Sulli could only sigh.


“Oh Krystal, when will you ever change?”



A/N Six stories at once?! I'm like, digging my own grave :3

But I really can't get JungLi off my mind >.< Ssul is so so so adorable lately. And Baby Jung is just amazing XD XD

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pignie1 #1
sound interesting update soon