The Hwang Twins

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Blessed with outstanding genes, magnificent brains and an overwhelming wealthy life, Hwang Myungsoo and Hwang Tiffany can do nothing else but make you fall for them. Girls and even boys swoon over Myungsoo's handsomeness and charms while they fall head over heels for Tiffany's beauty and gentleness. 

Perfect creatures living the perfect life? 


Or are they....?


The Twins 


The living definiton of perfect just... equally divided between two people of different gender. Unfair isn't it? Now both boys and girls have to feel jealous and inferior to them. Ugh.

Being the prime minister's children and loved by not only their school but also the public would make anyone want to be them. On top of that their personalities can't make anyone hate them because they're just that perfect. Double ugh.







Jung Joona


The bookworm, the geek, the wallflower, yeah you name it. She is probably the only one who isn't impressed by the twins. The only way she acknowledge them is when they beat her in every test leaving her in third place. If she could she would not be acquainted with them and just mind her own business, but attending Korea's most prestigious school with a scholarship will make one end up with trouble sooner or later, especially if you don't like the most popular kids in school. Will the twins be able to pique her interest and will she find out something about them that no one else knows of?




I would recommend you to NOT read the comments as they could contain spoilers!



Enjoy ~

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Chapter 22: its been long but i appreciate you for continuing this story, thank you for the update! i hope you get to finish this story one day
jivisha28 #2
Chapter 21: gosh i want to read more
jivisha28 #3
Chapter 21: gosh i want to read more
jivisha28 #4
Chapter 21: gosh i want to read more
Chapter 21: I wonder if Tiffany like her brother or she's really the happy go lucky girl
Mar1221 #6
Chapter 21: Thank you for the updates ^^ I'm intrigued about Tiffany in all this, not sure if she's part of her brother doings too or she's as clueless as Joona. I'm loving this Myungsoo is creeping me out Hahahaha.
Laikhaexofany32 #7
Chapter 20: Please please please update soon.. i cant wait for the next chappie.. seriously.. i loveee this story sooo much.. i just found this amazing fic.. and i'm addicted to it.. update asap authornim.. fightingg!!
someasiangurl #8
Chapter 20: Myungsoo you little handsome devil.
What happened to Tiffany during all of this?
Love your ff hope you can update soon.
Chapter 20: longtime no see~, wow dam u myungsoo.....gosh nver know deel so bad for joona now T~T
Mar1221 #10
Chapter 19: I just read your last updates and I'm so confuse and intrigued, the twins are so misterious and creepy in a way, can't wait to know what are they up to.
All those cliffhangers. Thanks for all the updates ^^