You have been summoned by the Restoration. It is of great importance that you comply completely with all procedures or so be it there will be dire consequences.

The Restoration is an age old establishment of elite human eliminators guided by the hand of fate. We stand to protect everything that is and will be through our work.  Please do not underestimate the importance of what we do.

Do not speak of this to anyone, the seriousness of what will followed cannot be expressed.

A list of our … employees have been included in this document, study it well.

Welcome to the Restoration. We are looking forward to working with you.










Bang Minsoo (Central Artillery Programmer) -

“The rush of putting a bullet in a body is a feeling nothing else can replace.” 

Meet our Gun and artillery expert. Anything to do with bullets and a trigger; he’s your guy. Prefers to be named as C.A.P (Central Artillery Programmer). He joined the Restoration when his mother was brutally murdered and he has a controlled personality as he has learned to both mask and master his emotions; something which is essential to our work.  He’s mostly quiet around others and keeps a lot to himself.












Lee Byunghun - 

“Guns are a good clean blow but are almost impossible to hide, with a knife, you get a nice textured kill with a fair amount of gore and they don’t even see it coming.”

In many cases you’ll find that a gun won’t always get the job done, so we have our knife and blade specialist to help out with that. Call him L.Joe as that is what he likes to be called. He spent his time in America training with blades and joined this establishment just for the pure thrill of killing. Don’t underestimate however, the importance of our cause to him. He has a hot temper, can be cocky at times and hates to lose. He is of very competitive nature that is not to be taken lightly. 












Lee Chanhee -–

“Twenty seconds. Twenty seconds is all it takes to take thousands of lives.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures and sometimes explosives are the only way. Meet out Explosive technician Lee Chanhee. Unlike the others he is easy going and has a unique sense of humour. No-one really knows exactly why he joined the Restoration but he’s extremely passionate about the work we do. Has a knack for experimenting his new ideas on random things so do take caution when wondering the premises. He prefers to be called Chunji but doesn’t mind it when people call him by his real name.










Ahn Daniel-

“If I send you the long way ‘round, there is a reason for it. Don’t question me.”

Knowing your way around your surroundings is an essential part of our missions. Our map analysis, Ahn Daniel plays an essential role in our organisation. He provides us our routes and directions throughout missions allowing us to find and pursue our targets without suspicion. He has a genuinely quiet nature but is quite playful around one’s he is comfortable with. He doesn’t like to be proven wrong or to be the victim of accusations regarding the accuracy of his analysis. You will come to learn to trust his judgement beyond your doubt.














Yoo Changhyun -

“I don’t take pride in weapons. I can tell you everything about your victim before you even think about pulling the trigger.”

Let me introduce you to our target tracker. He finds out everything you need to know about you target; if there is anything more you need to know, you go to him. Has an easy going temperament but also has a temper when angered continuously. He joined this facility when his father went missing in hopes of finding him again. You can call him either Ricky or Changhyun, however he mostly prefers to be called Ricky. 












Choi Jonghyun-

“I can break your neck in twenty-eight different places, and fix it in less time than it took to break it.”

What looks like our lovable maknae has been trained in four different martial arts since a young age as well as being extremely skilled in medicine. He is our team’s medic, martial artist and has a fancy for poisons. Call him Changjo. He’s hot tempered and quite arrogant at times but not necessarily on purpose. He grew up in an orphanage and joined this establishment out of the compulsion to serve true justice to those who deserve it.  He would choose his work over his relationships anytime and no one will change that perspective.





This is what we know about you:




Cha Min Rae

You were abandoned by your mother at the age of two months old and you were fifteen when you’re father died. You currently work in an office building as an assistant manager with your boss constantly breathing down your neck. You live with your boyfriend who is sleeping with your best friend. He and your friend don’t know that you know and you’re too afraid to confront them about it because you’re afraid you’ll lose them and won’t be able to find anyone else. You’re struggling to find a meaning for your existence and hate yourself for being such a coward.





Min Rae, there are four rules of this establishment:

  1. Only kill those who are targets and are assigned to you.
  2. Do not target your own.
  3. Do not leave the facility unless ordered otherwise.
  4. Under no circumstances do you expose the nature of the Restoration to regular people.


Follow these guidelines and we will get along fine. 






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