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I was stupid


I gave trust so easily.

I didn't know them 

not well enough.

But I called them 

my best friends. 

And believed so. 

- Chocomonkey, The Best of Them, Song of Words. 

All rights reserved. 

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The title means "ulterior motive; concealed thought, plan, or motive." in French. (ah-rea-pon-see)


Oh, how much pain you'd feel

Just for a bit o' romance.

The joy of others you'd so ready steal

For a waltz with him, a sweet dance.


Chapter 10 is very different from the rest. It's not romantic or sad. I'm actually relieved I can write a poem like this other than romance ones. Pheww.

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Chapter 5: Don't do anything drastic please! (if the poem is about you) I'm sorry if it sounds annoying but really, FIGHTING!!!!! YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT!!!! IT'LL PASS!! EVERYTHING HAS AN END!
I liked all of these poems. I may look like a stalker right now because I've commented on three of your stories. But honestly, I think they're very good.