The Doctor and the Pirate


“Pardon me,” the man with the teeth says politely.  “Do I have the honor of addressing Doctor Zhang Yixing?”


Rating:  R

Pairing: SuLay, hints of XiuHan if you squint

Notes & Warnings: ual & disturbing images, 17th-century medicine, dubious historical accuracy.  

Pirate!Exo AU based on this and this. May or may not be the first in a series.

Special thanks to jumpthisship for betaing this monster for me.

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Chapter 6: Ok, one of my favorite fics of all time, seriously
Made me cry, of anguish and utter happiness, what a damn masterpiece

I love the realism, that really makes this fic so real and exciting, and I swear I LIVE for this relationship
Their confession on the hill was adorable, and the way they both fall for eachother as the other is on the brink of death, it’s just beautiful
I swear, I’m in love with this fic

The pirate concept was so so well written, honestly kudos to you
Thank you for this masterpiece ❤️
Chapter 5: OMG my favourite Sulay fanfic it is now! I LOVE IT!!!!!! The whole journey and the plot and everything was PERFECT! I love Suho's character here! I always wanted to read something telling about him being very strong and muscular because he is in real life! But I don't know why people forget about it. So thank you very much for writing this! I love pirate au more now! XD but specially if you write it because you're the best at this! Thank you!!!!!!! <3
Woooohpeasants342 #3
Chapter 6: "He's my plunder for this adventure" booiiiiiii yall best believe that i was screaming cos that was cute af. Ajdjgkldleallfn this was soooo good i loved it so much!
This is beautiful. I'm speechless. I have always been against SuLay pirate AUs as I could never depict Junmyeon as someone barbaric but this story has changed me completely. Thank you.

I was about to cry towards the end when Yixing opened the door a year after. You got me there and I love it.

"He's my plunder for this adventure" — FAVE. This fic is definitely up there on my most recommended SuLay fics of all time.
This is, HANDS DOWN, my favourite Sulay fic.
It's just perfect! I love their relationship so much :')
knytvsprncss #6
Chapter 5: !!!!! Why haven’t I read this fic earlier?!
Wasn’t that big on pirate au (perhaps because there hasn’t been much?) so I Guess that’s why I just put off reading this. I deserve a big old thump for that.
Let me wallow in withdrawal syndrome for a bit and then come back to read this 8272882 more times after that omg
This is such an amazing story!! Thank you for writing this!!
I read this again and I just love this so muuuuuuch!
BlaseBlanco #8
Chapter 5: I loooooved this!!
I love this so much! Sulay is just too good in this. I need more sulay like this
Chapter 5: Awww, I'm glad yixing decided to join the crew.
Wonderful story!