Being The Badass Bride of Byun Baekhyun, The Nerd

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Arranged Marriage:

Where the parents choose who their daughter or son is going to marry

This marriage was most certainly arranged as Shin Hyerim had NEVER fallen in love with this nerdy like guy


Shin Hyerim; You

Byun Baekhyun: Your soon to be Husband


Shin Sora: Your Cousin


Global Icon: Your Friends


Exo-K: Baekhyun`s Friends



This fic will be about you and Baekhyun being in an arranged marriage.

An unusual twist is put in this story though..You`re the badass and Baekhyun the poor nerd :P

Let`s see how this works out :D

This idea popped in my head all thanks to the wonderful girl group called Global Icon :D

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Chapter 43: The past few chapters have been tearing my heart apart.. my chest phsically hurts <\3
They're just not telling eachother how the feel!!!!!
13 streak #2
Chapter 4: Ooo.. this is interesting!
261 streak #3
Chapter 1: Ooo I love arranged marriage !AUs. So far so good :)
i don't like badass ocs but what the heck the hype for this fic is too much
leodini #5
Rereading! Hehe..
smileKJ #6
Missmaya #7
I usually don't like arranged marriage fics, but i'll be sure to check yours out :)
ellalily #9
Really really really good.
PS could we be friends? :)
HellenWu #10
Chapter 52: I mean *baekhyun* damn this auto correct. keke