Twelve Chances


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What was it about love that took over the lives of people? 
Love took perfectly capable people and turned them into fools
Love took the happiest people and dulled them with heart break
Love took normal people and lured them into madness
But, love...
Love took me... 
And gave me twelve chances
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Lee Haemi has had a total of twelve different chances at love.
Puppy love, 
first love, 
the love that guts you out, 
the love that teaches you to grow,
the in-between loves,
And maybe, just maybe, 
A last love. 
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 As always, I'm 5ever grateful to -yoobaby for her booootiful graphics ♡ go check out her shop -  3Sixty° 球体 ♡ & thank you for this one, too ^^ 
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This is one of the best stories I've ever read huhuhu hwaiting author-nim~ Still waiting for your next update hihi
cha_hakyeon_ #2
Chapter 10: I swear I am so curious abt this story it's so different from others so please update :'
Chapter 10: Please update soon~ btw, new reader here hehe. ❤❤
Bruh this is such a good story. Hope you update soon
momonica #5
Chapter 10: What HAPPENS NEXT ?? IM DYING
momonica #6
blackjack08 #7
Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Wow, your story is just amazing. From how you write it, to how you plot each scene perfectly. Update soon please. Im dying to know what happens next and Im torn guessing between Luhan, Kai, or Baekhyun but the other members havent appeared yet so maybe there's another plot twist.

Kindly update soon
Alosya #8
Please update
LeAugust3 #9
Chapter 10: OMG, I don't have much to say, because I'm speechless.. All you have to know is that I love your story so much, so bad, really is brilliant!! I've never read something so beautiful, warm and cozy, the way you write is like I was her granddaughter, I can fell her feelings, I can imagine all the scene, It's as if I have plunged headlong into history and that feeling is impressive. It's not like other stories with a fantasy storyline and you know it would never happen in real life, what you write is real, because it can happens to anyone, it's so simple and it's that simplicity that makes everything so beautiful so lovely. Look, you would do society a big favor if you continued this story, I hope you will end some day, and even if it doesn't end I will be eternally grateful to have had the pleasure of reading something as incredible as your fanfic. I love you <3
average_aqua #10
Chapter 10: It has been more than a year..