You're Mine, Only Mine

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She was sold to please Lu Han in exchange for her freedom. But what happens when Lu Han, the most powerful Mafia Boss who never slept with the same girl twice, fall for her innocence? What if he doesn't let her go like the other girls that he had slept with?


I don't know what happened to me...
I don't know why I'm in Korea...
I don't know why I'm in this whorehouse...
I don't even know why I'm here...

But what I do know is that I am sold to someone called Mr. Lu Han, the most powerful Mafia Boss in this town. 


They told me that all I have to do is sleep with him for one night and I will be free. 


But they lied. Nothing turned out like what they told me it would be. 


He'd never let me go. Even when I try to run, he always takes me back.


“You're mine and ONLY MINE. Do you understand me Lee Jimin?” He said with a growl.

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Featured on 31, May 2017


A/N : This is My First Story and I hope you guys like it. ^^





- Not Well Written 
- Short Chapters
- Cliché Story Line
- Fail (There're only 2 Chapters)

-It got featured but it wasn't a great story, you might get disappointed 


Thanks for gave this story a chance. ♡



-LuhaniePie ♡



I'll re-write the whole fic and the chapter will be longer than before. :D

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juisdesai #2
Cute story!
YoonaSeungGi #3
i like it
Chapter 15: oh my god i loved this !!!
good job!!
Chapter 3: hahaaa i'm reading again.....
congrats on getting featured
Congratulations on getting featured!