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Love is a decisive thing
It can blind your eyes and hold your heart
But isn't it better to love than to never have loved at all? 
Maybe it's not for this case because the only thing that came with this love is pain and betrayal



         Kai, Sehun, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo and Suho are a small pack of wolves and live in EXO district "K".  They have been together as a group since they were young and the relationship they have with each other are just like a families.

          One day they find a wounded wolf in their territory; physically and emotionally hurt the wolf is far from being fine. The pack is afraid to take in new people;  the trust they had when they were younger is fragile and delicate, easily broken by mistrust and fear.

           But can they really abandon an injured wolf? But even if they take him in,  will the pack be able to save the wolf?


Poster and BackGround by Frozen Dream^^
Thank you umithetoddler and Yemi_Lau!!! You guys are amazing!!


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BaekMeACake_12 #1
Chapter 19: yaaasssss this was a beautiful story ~~~ write more like this in the future ^^
be2101 #2
Hi Ookami I've read your fic, It's so wonderful. Can I translate it into Vietnamese? I will send you link and credit?
Dark_Angels #3
Chapter 19: This is one of my favorite fanfics EVER! Thank you for writting it!
Please write more in the future!!
YuyaLoveB #4
Chapter 11: Awww i need morr Chen story!!! Heee
AwkwardKpopLover #5
Chapter 11: wow that was just simply AMAZING!!!! I LOVED THIS!!!!!! sad to see that it ended but I am hppy to know what happened in the end!!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
AwkwardKpopLover #6
Chapter 10: Well then.....I guess you like to make me cry huh!!!! URGHHH CHENCHEN SACRIFICED HIMSELF FOR THE PACK ACK WAEEE!!! but anyway that Jongtae chapter made meh TEAR UP!!! but I don't know if you are going to continue this story or what? ^^
leonumb3891 #7
Chapter 9: so sad! poor chenchen! D': he sacrificed himself!! D':
YuyaLoveB #8
Chapter 9: Need chen to back with them!
kobe24 #9
Chapter 9: omg this was really good! <3
ThatVerySong #10
Chapter 7: Baekhyun AND Kyungsoo?! My heart can't take this!