Siren Song


Jongin joined a cargo ship in an attempt to turn his life around, only for his very first voyage to be interrupted by notorious pirate Kyungsoo and his crew. As Jongin adapts to life on Kyungsoo's ship, he finds the captain has quite the soft spot for him.



this has become my biggest fanfic to date ;w; thank you everyone who has read, subscribed to, commented on and recced this story!! you're all wonderful ♥

so yeah...pirates!!

Chapter 22 and Epilogue UP!! SS is COMPLETE

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kaisoo_wife #1
Chapter 23: i'm in love with your fiction. so in love that i can't get over it for the whole day. kaisoo is so beautiful and you make them more beautiful in this story. i couldn't hold my smile when it came to the end of the chapter. love you author-nim, thanks for writing this masterpiece!!!
Chapter 23: This was so lovely, Author-nim. It was a long and winding journey for you, the author, for KaiSoo themselves and the rest of the crew, and for me, and it couldn't be written more beautifully. There is too many things to like from this and just - congratulations. You did amazing. :)
Kpop-Infinite #3
One of my fav kaisoo fanfics of all time and probably my FAVORITE kaisoo Pirate au ff
Chapter 23: This was so good - I am going to miss it!! Thank you for sharing!!
Chapter 16: I want to cry for the perfectness of this story :")
This is the most romantic KaiSoo relationship I have ever read in a fanfic ❤ I don't even know how many times I read some chapters of this
Quietkat #6
Chapter 23: Ugh OMG I can't express enough how much I love this beautiful story. I've reread it dozen of times and each time I reread the last paragraph of the last chapter over and over again. My heart! ❤
Minty_Pixie #7
I just re-read that fic for like...the tenth time, I think.
And I'm still like Kyungsoo and Jongin. Hopelessly, endlessly in love with it.
Chapter 23: Beautiful story! Words can’t express how amazing this story is. Good job ❤️
nesi0806 #9
Chapter 23: This is a really beautiful story. Definitely worth reading again :)
inkanara #10
Chapter 23: This is just sooo good, author-nim. I cried while reading this. There's so much emotion in this story. This story is sooo beautiful. And i love the characters. Good job, authornim! I can't wait for your another story.