Take My Breath Away


Genre : Romance, Love, Drama, Comedy
Length : Chaptered (It's going to be long, estimatedly 50-70 chapters)
Warning : There will be usage of vulgar words. If you feel uncomfortable with this, don't read.

This story will be written in a third person POV (him, her, they, etc.)
Certain chapters may be rated for explicit content ( scenes* but it's still to be decided)

Everyone thinks he’s the best dancer in the world. They think that probably, maybe and most definitely he was gifted with a magnificent talent to dance that they overlook those who can dance just as well as him. Was it because of his good looks? Was it because of his weird, endearing personality? Or was it because of his talent that all the girls would come crawling to him?

It was all of the above.

Kim Jongin, your ordinary but not so ordinary guy who has mad great skills in dancing that even him himself doesn’t cherish it as much as others would. His dancing can satisfy everyone else in the whole world except one person, himself. He gave up on dancing, not knowing where his passion for dancing went. His sudden need to dance everyday evaporated as if it was a pile of water on the ground after a light drizzle. Whenever he sees other people dancing, sure it would make him clap, cheer and let out chants of encouragement along with compliments on how well their dancing was but none of them would take his breath away.

What if just one day, he comes across this girl, whose existence never bothered anyone, who managed to take his breath away with just one simple dance piece?

What if a love story sparks up between the two?

Will the two of them give in everything for their love?

Or will she walk away like she always has all this while?


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T r a i l e r

C h a r a c t e r s
Major Characters

Kwan Hee Young is her name and she's your typical, quiet yet witty and sarcastic girl. She doesn't like to be told what to do but at certain times, if you're lucky enough, she might just listen to you if you have a valid reason. She's one of those people you'd see in class that doesn't talk much and she only converses when she really needs to.


Kim Jongin, mostly known as Kai. Spectacular dance performances, breathtaking looks and has his own charms - some may label him as 'Prince Charming'. Although he's not taken, he does has his fair share of admirers and whatnot. If there is anyone who knows why he stopped dancing, there is only one - his sister.


Kim Minseok is his name but to some he is known as Xiumin. Cheeky-like character with a strong passion for photography and singing - he can hit the high notes as high as you'd like. He's very friendly and warm and he blends well together with Hee Young as he stayed by her ever since they were young. Now that they were in the same university, he stood by her despite her cold-like personality towards him but deep down inside, they were probably blood related in the past life. 


Minor Characters

Zhang Yixing - also known as Lay, Kai's close friend.
Kang Soon Hae - Kai's ex-girlfriend.
Kwan Hee Min, Hee Young's older sister.
EXO - a few members. (cameo)

T e a s e r   S c e n e s
Scene #1

"W-Who are you?"

"That's none of your business."

Scene #2

"What have you done for me?!"

"What have I done for you? You seriously have the guts to ask me that."


Scene #3

"My name is Xiumin, but you can call me yours."

"Good luck getting a girlfriend."

"Sorry, too soon?"

Scene #4

"You'll just have to trust me. Please, just... trust me again."


S o u n d t r a c k

My Old Story - IU  
[Main track]

Wish I Stayed - Ellie Goulding  

I'm Going To You - INFINITE 

The Climb - Miley Cyrus 

When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus 

New Beautiful - EPIKHIGH 

Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade 

You Don't Even Know - Lim Kim 

Hesitating Lips - Yu Seung Woo 

Sweater Weather - Taylor Phelan (Cover. Original by The Neighbourhood) 





A little author's note : This idea was also in my mind for quite a while and I guess I was insecure that someone else might have the same idea as me which is why I decided to post this up first. Yes! I know a story of Kai dancing and whatnot is sort of cliche but I do have my own twists in this story. (: Promise! And certain parts and the flow of the story may, just may be cliche but sometimes, if you use cliche properly and add your own twist and flow to it - it's actually really nice, which is what I'm trying to do here.

Do note that this story may not have lightning speed updates because I have two other stories going on. If this interests you and if the trailer does trigger your curiosity, do subscribe, upvote and comment. Join my journey of this story! (Wow, it sounds so Disney-like)

Between Us, Romance + Heirs In Love + 


A story featuring Kai and you.

Any form of plagiarism is not allowed.
Respect me as an author and do not plagiarize. Please. Just don't.
Copyright  © 2013 - 2015 MissyQ
All rights reserved.

Enjoy! ♥


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Chapter 57: Awesome.. daebak and exciting.. thank you for sharing it??
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Chapter 57: It was really good. I really enjoyed reading this story and I LOVE IT! ♡♡♡ thank you for writing it~
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Chapter 57: naughty jongin
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Chapter 35: “I guess I will,” answered a silent broken heart.

it really broke my heart when he said that
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Chapter 57: Amazing writer/author. Been reading this story the whole day. I love it <3