The Game of Chance || A Sooyoung-HET One Shot Writing Contest [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]


The Game of Chance: A Sooyoung-HET One Shot Writing Contest is open to all AFF authors who are willing to write a oneshot using a Sooyoung-HET (Sooyoung x male idol) pairing.

You have free reign over most of the aspects of your entry, including which Soo-HET pairing to use, genre, and plot. However, this contest is called The Game of Chance for two reasons, which you will discover as you read on.


The rules are fairly simple. Read them well and ond follow each one so that you have a better chance at winning ;)


001 || Subscribe to The Game of Chance. This is so you will be constantly updated with all announcements and progress of the contest. Voting up is optional but highly appreciated

002 || Only oneshots are accepted in this contest. Please do not submit entries that are below the 700-word count. There is no maximum word count

003 || I will not tolerate any bashing and bad-mouthing of other others, entries and pairings.

004 || As already mentioned, you have free reign over which main pairing to use. The only limitation is that it has to be a Soo-HET pairing because... this is a Soo-HET contest XD

005 || If you are going to submit a fic with mature themes, please tag it as 'M' per the rules of AFF.

006 || You are not allowed to recycle fanfics. Only those posted from 10 November 2013 until the deadline will be counted.

007 || Please use the tags of the OTPs you'll be including (i.e. KyuYoung, SooWon, ChangSoo) and the tag soohet for your story.

008 || This contest is not limited to Sooyoung-HET shippers only. If you're not a shipper but you're willing to write a kickass fic that can hopefully win you this contest, you are very much welcome to join

009 || Tag and/or link back to this contest in the foreword/background of your entry.

010 || Do not plagiarize. Doing so will mean disqualification


Now, I'm pretty sure all of you are wondering... What's the catch? How many entries can we submit? How do we join this contest? Those questions are answerable by the reason why this contest is called The Game of Chance ;)


As I have continuously reiterated, you have free reign over most of the aspects of your story - with most being the relative term. There is a catch or a twist in this contest, if you will. There are two things you have to leave up to chance, which happen to be the title of your fanfic and a wild card.


Title - When you fill out the registration form for this contest, you will be asked to pick a set of five (5) colors among the given list. What are these colors for? Each color in the list corresponds to a pre-chosen title that you must use for your fanfic. If, for whatever reason, you end up picking more than 5, the contest organizer will take the liberty of selecting your final set randomly. Likewise, if you end up picking less than five, the contest organizer will be the one to randomly select the missing colors to complete your set of five.

Wild Card - What is a wild card? For the purposes of this contest, a wild card is a word that you will have to incorporate in your story. For example, the wild card you got is 'cookies'. You must incorporate cookies into your story however which way you want.

After picking out your set of five colors in the registration form, you will be then asked to pick a set of five (5) male idol names among the given list. What are these names for? Each name in the list corresponds to a pre-chosen word that you must use in your fanfic. The same rules will apply if you pick more or less than five names.


So, how will this work and why do you have to pick 5 each? You are allowed to submit more than one entry for this contest. Since you are allowed to pick five titles, you are allowed to submit up to five oneshots.

Are you allowed to repeat titles? No.

Are you allowed to repeat the wild cards? Yes.

Does that mean that many of us will have the same titles for our fics? Yes.

Basically, you have to use one wild card and one title among the list per fanfic. But how will you know which titles and words to use?


Once you have decided that you want to join this contest, comment here and simply state that you are joining. After that, fill out the registration form. Once you have submitted your registration form, I will PM you with your list of titles and wild cards.

Comment. Fill out form. Wait for PM. Start writing. Easy, eh? :D

The registration form is found here.

I'm pretty sure there's one more question in your mind. Until when can you submit?


Deadline of all entries is on 21 December 2013, Saturday, 9 PM Korean Standard Time (KST). Please do submit your entries on or before that date and time.

Results will be out by 31 December 2013, Tuesday, 9 PM Korean Standard Time (KST). Let's all end this year right, shall we? ;)

What happens when you're done writing? Post the fic, tag appropriately as previously instructed, and comment once more to state that you have posted the entry


How do you win The Game of Chance? There are more than one ways to win this contest.

First is by placing first, second and third based on a criteria that will be set by the judges.

Second is by the number of subscribers. The fic with the highest number of subscribers will win the Sailors' Choice Award.

The last way to win will only be applicable if there are five (5) or more submissions under each title prompt. If this happens, then one winner per title prompt will be selected as the category winner.


And yes, there will be prizes ;)


Again, if you have any questions, kindly comment them here. I will update this very soon with a FAQ page, the list of prizes, criteria for judging, the list of participants and their respective entries and so on.

And with that...


Step by Step Procedure to Join This Contest

1. Subscribe

2. Comment on this post with your intent to join

3. Fill out the registration form properly

4. Wait for PM containing the titles and wild card words you have randomly chosen in the registration form


Important Reminders

1. You are allowed to submit up to five (5) entries. Title prompts are a must use and cannot be repeated. Wild cards are a must use as well but you may use each word more than once.

2. When you have completed the fic, post it in AFF, tag it appropriately using the OTP/s' tags and the tag soohet, comment here to state that you have completed your entry and are submitting it.


001 || Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

002 || Prizes

003 || List of Sponsors

004 || When You're Done

005 || Sample

006 || Judges

007 || Criteria

008 || List of Participants

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Fasha09 #1
Is there anyone who wrote sookris fanfiction? If yes, can you give me a link?
objectivity #2
Congratulations to all of those who won and the participants :) Thanks for organising such a fun and creative competition!
Chapter 50: This is well exciting! My first ever contest win!! Thanks to the judges and organisers for coming up with this fun contest! Congrats to all the participants and other winners as well for a job well done :D
Chapter 50: Congratulations to all the winners! I read all of them and they were all really great! Id also like to thank you guys for organizing such an amazing competiton! ^^
Chapter 50: Congrats to all the winners. I enjoyed joining this contest, I'd love to join the second round if I have time ^^
Chapter 50: Thank you to all the judges for critiquing and scoring my story. I honestly didn't think it was /that/ good, but thank you nevertheless, haha.

Congratulations to all the other winners and participants! <3
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 50: Wohoo! Congrats to all those who won! Great job and the second round sounds intresting...
shikshiin407 #8
Chapter 49: Congratulations to all the winners! I'm glad amber_rose's Whiskey Lullaby won! That's one of my most favorite too. Really made me cry uwaaah~

Bam eonni~ saranghae! <3 I'm just... wow. Thank you! Judge's choice is just over the top. Thank you :-*
Chapter 50: ...I was about to congratulate all the winners, and then I see my name. Wat.
Are you guys sure about the judging? Maybe I'm too stressed from exams these days and I didn't read it well. Wat.
Okay, enough talking.

Congratulations to everybody that participated :D Trying never hurts and I'm sure most (if not everybody) had lots of fun ^^

And that second round does sound like another thrilling ride :D cheers!
objectivity #10
Chapter 47: Second round sounds fun ^^