Apology Not Accepted


Taehyun was insecure. Mino could tell that his beloved maknae had been avoiding him. But what could be the reason? Mino tried talking to him but Taehyun kept feeding him nothing but excuses. Annoyed by the cold treatment, he had to do something to soothe his stormy heart. 


Dear Namsong shippers, this might be a little bit Rated. I hope that I am not corrupting your little cute innocent mind because, hello welcome to Kpop. We serve gays to your table and all you have to do is to indulge them. Actually, this is supposed to be some cute and fluffy kind of fanfic but as I write, my head seemed to go somewhere far away from butterflies, rainbows and lots and lots of sweet candies. This is what you get when you are too involved in angst, thriller and mystery. Fluff is just not my thing.

So readers, please enjoy this piece of . I love you guys!


Do you really need me to write this? 

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very_ship_them #1
Chapter 1: Omg XDDDD I can't this diva is killing me XDD
This is perfect *red face*
14181027ngp #2
Chapter 1: Sassy diva in action! Love it so muchhh
Chapter 1: Omgg I didn't know you write a lot if namsong ff,. I am a hardcore namsong shipper lol, so yeah I'm glad to found you XD,. This story is really cute, cannot believe taehyun anger just because of bang yedam kkkkk ,nice story. And y Taehyun in the end is epic lol,. I will marathon read all your ff now,. Please write more namsong again author nim,..kekeke Thank you^^
Chapter 1: slapped my face literally at Taehyun diva moment at the end....nice... getting addicted to namsong because of you~
lalalemon #5
Chapter 1: Wow maknae such a diva in the end haha
burry07 #6
Chapter 1: oh god i LOVE this fic soooooo much
i really hope there could be a ch 2.
Chapter 1: Ajsjdjdnsk my namsong feels !!!!
Santea #8
Chapter 1: That was soooo good, keep it up!
Chapter 1: lol why would nammie jealous of bang yedam haha it's make mino like some horrible pedo~ XD
anyway, sassy nammie at the ending yay!!
love this! <3