I'm nothing to you

Stay With Me

“...Lair...” I mutter out. “ You’re lying...Chan....Chanyeol would never do that.....” I couldn’t believe what I just heard, I didn’t want to believe! I broke down into tears and dropped down to the floor. “You’re lying......!” I keep saying. 

“I’m sorry Angela! Please don’t be like this!” Baekhyun kneel down and hugged me. I sobbed and cried. 

“It’s all my fault...” I sobbed thinking it was because I had been moody recently. “I did this to myself!” I cried even harder but only to have Baekhyun held me tighter.

“Maybe Chanyeol isn’t the person you think he is..” He whispered to me. “I know I would never treat you like this.” I felt surprised. What was he saying? What did he meant? “Angela...I-..I really like you. Ever since I saw you, I liked you. But Chanyeol was like a bother to me. I only liked you from a far.” Now he tighten his grip. I kept crying not wanting to listen. I dragged myself into a mess. 

The door opened. It was Chanyeol and a girl followed him from behind. I look up to see his face red. Baekhyun quickly walk up to him “Chanyeol sorry I had to-” Baekhyun couldn’t finish and was pushed to the ground. Chanyeol’s face was expressionless but I can tell he is angry. 

“Baekhyun oppa! Are you ok?” I quickly ran up to him to help him. “Chanyeol are you crazy?!” I shouted. I can see the girl slowly move out of the room from the corner of my eyes. 

“Am crazy?! Look at you! Unfaithful , having an affair with Baekhyun while I’m not here!” He yelled back. 

“Affair..? I came because I was worried about you!” I yelled and tears of anger and sadness came streaming down. “Chanyeol! Stop this!”

“Chanyeol, you’re mistaken, Angela came because she was looking for you.” Baekhyun protested. 

“Shut up! You have no right in this situation.” Chanyeol snapped. 

“Park Chanyeol! Snap out of it!!” I shouted and I felt a burning pain on my cheek. I couldn’t process what had just happened. My love of my life had just slapped me. I turn to stare at him and I felt like I had just saw him for the first time. I don’t know him anymore. 

“CHANYEOL! Are you nuts?!” Baekhyun yelled as he got in front of me but only to be pushed aside again. 

“I....loved you....” I said as I stare into his cold heartless eyes. 

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t have had an affair with someone else.” He said coldly. 

“Then it must mean, you didn’t love me.” I said trembling only loud enough for him to hear. The next thing I knew was that I was on the floor with a sharp pain in my stomach. Chanyeol had harshly pushed me down and now my stomach was throbbing with pain. I had lost consciousness. 

AN/ sorry for being so short ;o; Its a short story so....yeah hehe ^^Coming out with the final chapter soon :)

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baekhyunlol #1
Chapter 1: I love your fic ♥ i want to trans it into Vietnamese. So Can you give me the permission? Reply me soon ok. Thank u very much for written it :3