Love Medicine.


“Unrequited loves are the most painful, especially when trying to find yourself."


Her life had been a series of events all linked together. Everytime she was sad, he was there. Everytime she cried, he was there. Everytime she was broken, he was there. Byun Baekhyun was the only constant pillar in her life, and sometimes she wished he would always be there. You know what they say though, all good things must come to an end.






This story is fully written based on my mood of the day, apparently the more angsty I feel the more writing there is. I began writing the story just according to events and now I'm slowly piecing the whole story together, so I might have part of chapter twenty something done before chapter eight is even completed.


This story is my "unrequited love" story, because who hasn't had an unquited love. We all know how it feels and we all know that no matter how much we want it to work, it just doesn't sometimes. So this is my "good version" of how loving someone can be so bitter.

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gempitaraline88 #1
Chapter 19: Allahuakbar.............
its like riding a hell roller-coaster ride. I was actually sad when they're not ended up together. but, the reasons... their reasons, is somehow made sense which was I refused to see. I'm happy tho, it's better this way. I'm so happy that Jinah could love herself, that baekhyun realized how much he loves Jinah, and how bastard he is. thanks for writing this, I'll check out your stories. please keep writing! xoxo
Chapter 4: Im not crying, im not im not IM CRYINGGG ╯﹏╰
Chapter 19: this was such a beautiful masterpiece thank you so much for writing
Chapter 19: the waterworks aren't stopping help
Life is difficult, but I know that I'll get through it. Thank you for writing! :)
Chapter 19: Awwww i had so much tears for this fic but you know what. Yes. Love myself first before loving others. And this story kinda reminded me of BOF when one guy is her soulmate and one is her lover but she didnt end up with her soulmate because of this friendship and how she needed him to be there for her not romantically but like a family / friend. Lobe the ending though. Not everything in life is a fairytale that you end up with the one you liked first or whatever.
Chapter 19: Yes. Yes to self love. Yes to strong main characters. Yes to loving someone but knowing that loving doesn't have to be owning or ending up with each other. Just yes. Yes to this whole story.
Chapter 4: I used to be called a disappointment. Nowadays I don't care anymore but back then when I used to carethe statement broke me. The thing is no matter how much you try to fix things that are broken they can't never be fully intact like before. People should really reconsider what goes out of their mouths when they talk.
Chapter 19: honestly speaking i skipped the storry to chapter 16 for some reason and read it till the end. i love what the story is trying to say to us and the story itself. life is about finding, creating, and loving yourself. it is true when people say you have to love yourself first before loving others. we need no one to remind us how much loveable are we, only us can save ourselves from the oceans of insecurities we have been drowning into. we are strong enough to stand alone, and we don't need anyone to tell our own worth. we know our worth here in this world. thanks for sharing your masterpiece :)
Chapter 19: this was wonderful! thank you~ i'll love myself more from now on <3