A Soul's Colors


Luhan grew up having a gift: the ability to see a person's soul color(s). His eyes were a strange color: a violet color. He blamed it on genetics, and everyone can't disagree with the cute male when they have no idea why he has eyes that color. He has 5 other bestfriends who have the same ability, just on different levels. It was the only possible answer. Every person has a soul color, or more.

He learned that Red was for evil

Yellow for the Good

Beige for the Normal

and, ready for this?, constant change of color for the Special.

People can have more than one color, but he's never met someone with no colors at all. Can you see why he was so confused? and he wonders, why does the latter not have a soul color? or is it that he has one, but won't show it?


Why does he know about Soul Colors?


~~Author's Note~~

Hey!!! So this is my second story!!! Just call me Author-nim or Vi. Hope you guys like it and look forward to my future chappies and stories!!! i thought of this while singing in choir and i immedietely wrote it down on a pad of paper after we finished practicing. my friends were like "Whoa! Look at her hands go! She's like ripping the pages at her speed." i forget things easily, so i'm apologizing ahead of time.

Disclaimer: Ok, so i genuinely made this story up myself, so please dont take idea. if your idea is like mine, its just coincident. ^^


"I know very well what Soul colors are, and what a person with the Soul sight can do."


"............................ WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!"




HEY all you EXOtics out there!! So, i dont know if you guys have heard but Saesangs have gotten worse over the past weeks, or should i dare say, months. Hoping and praying with my fingers crossed, i hope you guys would help us keep EXO safe!! Thats all that we EXOtics have in common, right?

So, here's a link to  an admin on facebook who's very against Saesangs. I'm not, like, hired to say this. im saying it cause i know that our boys deserve better!!!


and then a website to stop saesangs.there http://exoticsusa.tumblr.com/post/62723531595/exoticsusa-on-the-week-of-oct-8-we-will-be is a project in the process. where gray on oct 8 Guys!!!!! show your support.

then here is a link for a petition for EXO's security terms. We've got to keep them safe!!! Thats how much we love them. Show your Support!!! Thanks guys!!! *bows*














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Ohluhan101 #1
Chapter 9: You know you missed out on luhan and sehun! I don't know where luhan is!!!!!! Ur cruel!
Ohluhan101 #2
Chapter 7: Omg I read the title as " gray eyes , blonde hair
Gray eyes , blonde hair" instead of brown! I NEED MY HUNHAN
Ohluhan101 #3
Chapter 2: Where is my hunhan!?!? Xiaolu!
Ohluhan101 #4
Chapter 1: Omg. What's going to happen?
Chapter 1: I just saw your comment about Secretly, Greatly. I've seen it too and OMG, I cried so hard I think my tear ducts ran dry. It was so amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.
Chapter 2: Omoooooooooooooooooo ~ Kaaaaaaaaaai!! Why are you doing this to meeeee? lol he succeeded though, what an entrance. :3
SuperGeneration28 #7
Chapter 24: This was a nice fic...but I'm so confused with the whole plot O.O it was a bit too rushed in my opinion..
JinWoo #8
Chapter 24: Its just me or... yeah.. i think you make the story seems in rush
Tisheenie #9
Chapter 24: Love love loved it.
Min_Chan_lover6612 #10
Chapter 24: OMG sorry guys ^^'I" I didn't edit yet then posted. silly me!! But thank you guys all for commenting!! it makes me so happy!! and sorry if I gave you guys a shock by putting Jongin instead of Kangin.... ehehehehe sorry!!