We Got Married!?


This is a story about two famous member group "flaming charisma-minho" and "black pearl-yuri" will be the new couple this 2011 in a famous show called "we got married"

-They were shock because how can they pair them to each other if they were both from the same agency

-While minho's ideal type is hara of KARA while yuri like him alot...but minho never see her...he always say that hara is better yuri...but what happend if they both set in a show called we got married? will minho fell for her or still HARA? Will Yuri still cry because the guy that she likes like other girl or she will cry because of happiness?


this is just a Fanfic...this will be minho and yuri in the same age...

Kwon Yuri: She's beautiful,Kind....lots of guys pick her as their ideal type(18-19 years old)

Choi Minho: He's handsome,nice but sometimes he's a cold hearted guy,keep prettending that he's ideal girl is hara of KARA but fall inlove with yuri (19-20 years old)

Goo Hara: Mean,evil, like minho hate yuri


someone requested me that yuri will be younger in this story than minho...so i grant her wish...if some of you doesnt like it...just dont read my story its ok for me

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erickyul #1
Chapter 3: update soon
neveen #2
yaaaah! please update soon i want to read the next chapter:'(
risserosell19 #3
Update Soon :)
minyul143 #4
HMM...im minyul143 sister...this is our account,i didn't make one because i easily forget my password,so im using hers...she's really busy right now...im busy too...im the one who help her to do this story...and we cant finish it because of school...but we will try to finish this story...dont hate my little sister...she's just really busy...and she really cares her studies...you can blame me...beacuse im not that busy like her...sometimes im really busy and sometime i dont have homeworks but im lazy to do this story,so pls...
21minyul95 #5
i love the story, and i like that minyul is in We Got Married. I will wait for your next update. please update soon.:( i love your story.:D
edwined91 #6
Continue writing its getting there, its plain and simple and its good
i hope you continue writing this story. i'm always waiting. :(
Aigoo. Minho is jealous, Yuri is not, she's firm? Update soon! NEW READER!
aww. Minho is jealous.<br />
he looks so cute. ^^
s00key #10
lol at sooyoung ...!!