Kim Sunggyu most would say was a strange man. Quiet, composed and a tad bit cynical. He was a man that kept himself to himself. He was a serious timekeeper holding a very tight schedule. Everything had to be done according to his memory, nothing could go wrong. That was Kim Sunggyu, he didn't like the unexpected, he was content in keeping a tight hold of the events that would occur during his day.

So when he came across a man, his hair sodden from the heavy morning rain, black suit dripping and heavy on the man's frame he stopped for a moment. One would simply assume that this gentleman had been unlucky enough to get caught in the rain, and that was most likely correct but, Kim Sunggyu didn't ignore the man like he should have, he stopped and he stared.

A quick glance at his wrist told Sunggyu that yes he was on time, he was not late. 6.05AM on the dot his schedule was in order. So where had this man come from? This particular bus stop rarely gained many travellers in fact, this was the first time Sunggyu had met another person there. He had been taking the bus from the stop for almost a year.

Perhaps he's new to town? Sunggyu thought staring at the man, who had yet to realise his presence. Frowning slightly Sunggyu tightened his grip on his briefcase before taking his usual seat at the very end of the bus shelter. He was just a man. He wasn't worth fretting the schedule over.

Shaking off his umbrella Sunggyu propped it at his side staring blankly ahead of him. With each passing minute the raindrops grew in size, hitting the glass of the shelter.

Flicking his wrist once more Sunggyu eyed the time. 6.08AM. The bus would usually arrive at around 6.20AM, sometimes a couple of minutes after. Sunggyu bit down on his bottom lip, tugging with impatience.  He did not feel comfortable. His eyes would usually wonder and take in the scenery, but he couldn't do that. What if he caught the man's eye? What if the man then felt he needed to force a conversation?

No. Sunggyu thought, they are simply two strangers, that have so happened to run into each other, he doesn't know of Sunggyu's schedule. He could've easily lost his way and perhaps this would be the first and last time the man would come to Sunggyu's bus stop?

Sunggyu warily glanced out of the corner of his eye, observing the man. Dark wet hair hung limply over his ears, clinging to the skin of his cheek, his fringe sticking to his forehead in messy clumps. Besides his messy hair the man looked clean, his face shaven, skin giving off a natural glow. His suit also appeared to be that of an expensive taste, the jacket thick, the white dress shirt below pristine, his tie neatly tied around his neck.

Sunggyu came to the conclusion that he was sharing his bus stop with a business man.

A business man that seemed to be in his own world at that moment, his attention focused solely on his pair of black shined dress shoes. Removing his gaze from the man Sunggyu looked up, watching as the dark clouds rolled above them, promising heavier rain and most likely a few crackles of thunder and lightning if they were unlucky enough.

It was then that Sunggyu heard the familiar rumble of an engine. Standing up, he collected his umbrella placing it under his arm, tightening his grip on his briefcase before then stepping out of the bus stop, grimacing slightly as a harsh wind blew sending heavy raindrops smashing against his flushed cheeks.

A small sigh escaped him as the bus pulled up, the familiar hiss of air sounding as the doors opened, creaking slightly. Sunggyu couldn't help but feel thankful as the business man stood from his seat, walking slowly behind him, it would've been troublesome if he had fallen asleep.

Fishing into his pockets Sunggyu pulled out his change, greeting the driver with a small smile ducking his head as he passed over his coins. The driver in reply smiled brightly his eyes disappearing into small crescent moons, his plump lips stretching wide.

Sunggyu fought off the smile on his lips, the driver been far too optimistic so early into the morning. But he was always like that, Sunggyu had long ago read the name tag on his shirt, Dongwoo was an interesting character to say the least.

Taking his ticket Sunggyu noted Dongwoo's eyes widening as he took in the sight of the business man. So he hadn't been the only one to be surprised Sunggyu thought a small smile growing on his lips.


A/N: this is incredibly short I know but it's more of a..I don't know introduction chapter? There will be a few more chapters, but of course those will be a lot longer, perhaps a few changes of POV? This is my first Woogyu fic so please be kind, it's something that's been stirring in my brain for quite a while. Please let me know what you think~

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Chapter 1: can't wait xD
update soon
Chapter 1: this is really interesting :)
it's really a new feel and plot that I have never seen before for woogyu fic :D anticipating what's next :)
hwaiting authornim~
woohyun is still a mystery hahha I love the way you write , keep it up!
HaeSicaistheBest #3
Chapter 1: yours is an eye-catching woogyu fic. the dictions are really good. the way you tell the story, sunggyu's obsession of neat schedule, also still-an-amusing-mystery woohyun makes me curious. bus stop, rain, strangers. what a perfect match for me. i'll subcribed this.
cant wait!! hehe looking forward :-)