Fiona &Marshall; lee


►♦Fiona and Marshall lee ♦►

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Well This is something new to you guys and that is what i wanted ;)


This is like a anime fanfic with Marshall lee anf Fiona from adventure time XD

I always wanted to write it soo i hope you enjoy , you guys may not want to read it but..

I really want your surpport ;)

I visit Her even when she doesn't needs me, I'll  always be there to protect her.  I'm here for you"Fiona"..

I'll be your hero "Ok?" I whispered in her ears , as i glanced at he eyes and huged her.


My steps to win her heart:

  1. Protect her.
  2. Cherish her.
  3. Love Her .



Will she come with me and help me finish my adventure ,depends,but i'll always love her if she doesn't

"Will you Fiona?"


"Will you marry me?"


Main Characters


Marshall Lee






I love him i really do, But its impossibly for us to be together.

Hes dead But his heart is just a warm and comforting has any ordinary guy i was hoping to be with.

Why does he have to have a flaw, hes prefect i can see a future with him. I......I.......I.....Love him, i really do.

"Should i......"I don't know why i shouldn't .

"I want to but..."I can't!



Characters `-`

Princess Bubble gum

Flame Prince

Ice Princess

Extra charatcter


Ice King

Lee Mars As Marshall lee's brother

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And you will be in the story , you will aslo have your script XD

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Note:Only updates on Saturdays :)

But this is not a Roleplay :)

just give me your word on it , thanks.



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Adventure TIme!!!! Bwahahahha