ExoYoong Moments

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so this is not a story. just my compilations of their moments. this is for all the exoyoong shippers out there. spread the love everyone!

if you have found some exoyoong moments, pls do tell me so that i can post it here ^^ no worries i'll make sure to credit you :D


oh but i don't ship them romantically btw and i don't wish for them to get involved with each other that way. i just like to see them together and find these interactions cute. that is all ^^

who's your favorite exoyoong couple?


i do not own the pics and gifs here.. credits to the fancams and the rightful owners that made this possible <3 

[EYM] another one for xiuyoon too in ch 31

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teddyyoong #1
Chapter 36: Yoona and suho is best friend. everybody knows that and suho always declared it whenever he got a chance. Huahaha
michiusa #2
Chapter 33: there's so many moments during this event I can't even @#$*&# who knew BaekYoon would be bae? and resurrect exoyoong?
michiusa #3
:D btw there's another YoonHun moment going around.
shana20 #4
Chapter 31: DMC festival is such a blessing! The feels when I saw yoonhun interact. With an addition of baek and xiumin moments.. I can't breathe >.<
nurdayana #5
Chapter 31: Omg baekyoon
Chapter 29: What! OMG Please god make this happen
shana20 #7
Chapter 29: Oh my! This. Must. Happen.
michiusa #8
Chapter 29: YoonHun <3 although it seems like the rumors are now saying it's going to be kangta
Dina_YoonA #9
When will you update about Luyoon ? TT
Well i dont really like Yoonkai though..
shana20 #10
Chapter 28: Yoonkai again!!! SM loves to put these two together <3