A Simple Thing To Learn,Yet So Hard to Accomplish


I write this in my Lj account too. So please enjoy~ A ReixUruha fanfic! 





Summary:  "Something people claim to be easy, yet so hard. It's nice, yet hurtful: fun but cruel: risky but may be worth it... And that is simply... 
Note: the title... I don't know if you can even connect them...  But it's referring to love. It's very simple but not easy to do... Basically.. So yeah.. Please enjoy and comments are very welcomed. My first fic ever so please be kind! >< thank you! 
In this world, we use this one word as if it's nothing. I've heard it used for every situation possible, and it's sad. Because its lost its meaning throughout these years. Even I abused it, and one day I hope that I can reclaim it. If, I know how to that is... The hardest thing for me to understand, to feel, to trust, and just to have or show. I really don't know why though. I think something's wrong with me... Oh, right, and I have forgotten to mention it's name. The thing that I was talking about is something people claim to be easy, yet so hard. It's nice, yet hurtful: fun but cruel: risky but may be worth it... And that is simply... 
But be careful, love doesn't just mean that you care deeply for a person alone... It means more than that.... I learned the hard way... Just be careful of where you step. Because I ended up hurting someone who was my closest friend and it didn't make me proud at all...
"Ruki! Please!... Come back!" I shouted, trying my best to hold onto his slipping fingers. He turned back to face me once more. I could see the tears escaping his eyes, "I can't Uruha... You know I can't..." 
He shook his head and looked back at me.  I frantically shook my head too and tried to tighter my grip on his fingers. "No, Ruki come on...  Please. Tell me what I'm missing, what's going on. " He smiled, and traces circular patterns on my face briefly before slipping his fingers away. 
"Uru, you know... And I know... That I'm not the one you love... You didn't love me like how I loved you. This is for the both of us... After tonight, everything will be the same.. We'll be friends.. Again. No more than that." His tears now streaming even more.
"No, but this isn't-" he shushed my with his finger. "I know what you mean. But no matter how you try, you won't love me." He looked down and I felt tears in my eyes. I knew that this is true and for that... I hate myself... I hate myself for doing this to him. My best friend... 
I shook my head and looked down, "I'm so sorry... Ruki I-" he smiled and tilted my head to his eye level. "Don't be, I have to learn and so do you. My lesson of not being careful is learnt. And yours, to be honest with yourself is up to you to be learned." 
He hugged me once more, and I embraced his warmth that I know will never be the same again. I cried for my regret, for the pain I've caused, the person whom I've wounded, and for my mistake. He cried, for pain, regret, hurt, loss, and his loving heart. He pushed me away gently and smiled, wiping his tears. 
"Have to go now~..." I nodded and bowed to him, trying to show my regret and apology. Although no words can express how sorry I am. I truely regret everything that I've done to hurt him like this. "Ruki... I'm so sorry... And thank you." He nodded and laughed as he walked out.  Still in my bowing position, I fell to my knees and my heart just felt so torn.
What had I done to my friend? For these past 4 months? I played him..... Made him feel like a fool. Told him I loved him, and here I am now... Still not knowing what love is, not loving anyone... Is it him who I was hurting? Or me? Who can't love, can't understand, and messed up our relationship? 
The night was dark and long yet the coldness and isolation was comforting. I don't remember when, but eventually I dozed off, and I had a feeling that after this... He will be free, free an happier than when he was with me. And that is a good thing. 
I woke up to the sun's light and a very tasty smell with a grumbling stomach. "URUHA!!!!!!! GET UP!!" Surprisingly it's his voice. Time to get myself together. We've always been like this, fight, make up, tomorrow becomes a new day. 
I pulled the blanket on top if me and try my best to blend with the bed. Sadly, my ninja skills aren't good enough yet, and curse my bedroom that can't be locked. I grunted as I felt a weight on top of me. "RUKIIIIIII!!!!!" I whined out an flipped the blanket away from my face. 
I sort if regret doing that, because there he was, grinning like a mad man. "Kou~ I cooked you breakfast~" my eyes widened, and raced to my kitchen screaming, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY KITCHEN?!?" Just to find Kai with his apron on, setting the table and an Aoi who comes out of my bathroom yawning. Giggles of a certain midget I know echoed from my bedroom.
"What?" I stared at Kai then Aoi. "Whaaaaat!" I glared at Aoi,  "You guys are in my house and you're asking me, 'What?!' !!" Aoi grinned and hugged Kai, "Well, we came with Ruru-midget to return your key and stuff~" Stomping was heard and Aoi hid behind Kai. " I didn't catch what you just said. Would you like to repeat for me, Mister Aoi-who-begged-me-for-a-favour." 
The shock and distress on his face was so priceless! But anyhow, Aoi apologized and earned a kiss from Kai for being "polite"...  " So again... Why is Kai here cooking me breakfast?" Aoi snickered, "Who said its for you?" As he picked on the food and got a spank from Kai's spatula.
He whined and Kai's glare was enough to shut him up. Sometimes, I wonder why Kai is the uke... "Uruha, this is gonna be a new routine, because Aoi and I have  just moved in next door." He said with his killer smile and god. I felt my blood drain...
Lord, save me from this. I turned and saw Ruki's huge grin, he patted my shoulder and sat himself down and ate his food telling me, "Good luck with your headphones." Aoi and Kai equals a cute couple... But Aoi and Kai and equals an earful.  Woohoo, hey god. If this is a prank or just to make fun of me being dump or whatever.... You are one big ruthless prankster. 
"Eh? Uru-Kun, don't you have work today?" I looked at the clock. "Nah~ tonight I'm on night shift at the bar." Ruki laughed, "Are you still trying to escape from your stalker?" In my damned 180 view I saw Aoi's and Kai's eyebrow arch and I silently prayed for mercy. 
"Eh? Stalker? Uruha! You have a stalker? For how long?!?!!" I sighed and decided to dig in as well as the others already had. "Hmm... Not that long ago." Ruki snorted again, and I tried my best morning glare. "More like almost a year now."  
Two gasps and I felt like digging a hole and dying in there. "Hohohoho~ so. Even before Ruki-Kun eh? " I glared at Aoi and looked at Ruki but he was fine. So I let it slide and nodded. "Aoi, you know what this means." My eyes reacted to this horror as it always does, as Aoi replies with his grins. "Stalking and interviewing time."
Ruki laughed and patted my shoulder, "I feel bad for you. You can do it!!!! And... I'm also looking forward to seeing how hot he is too~" I gasped, "You're gonna join them?!?" He smirked an Aoi high fives him. "Of course! That's what best friends are for~" 
I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Just telling you don't get swoon, please. He's just another weirdo who has a blonde Mohawk rebel wanna-be look and has a noseband on his face." I stated, crossing my arms an looking at them. Ruki smirked, "Aww~ that's how love starts!" Kai squealed and got a kiss from Aoi. "He's hot then~ I take it." I glared at him and pouted. "You guys are supposed to help me, not stalk my stalker!!" 
Kai laughed as he started cleaning up, "Dear Uruha~ we are. If he's any good, we'll help you get with him. But on one condition. You actually try to love, but if you can't feel it. Break it off, instead of dragging it for god damned 4 months." I grimaced at his words and looked at Ruki. He looked at me and managed a small smile. Then he slapped my face with both hands, "Eww... Look at that.... Your face is gonna get wrinkles if you do that!!! EEEEEWWWWWWWIIIIIIEEEEE!!!"
I held his hands just for a second longer and smiled apologetically. He nodded and smirked. "God I will tease you forever for this. Muahahahah ah!" I tickled him and we all broke up in laughter when he hit his head. "I can't believe you guys were together. Hahahah! You guys should be famous for being the two idiots!" Kai glared at him and I smirked. "Aoi~ if we were to be famous for that reason, we wouldn't be alone. You'd be part of us and poor mommy over there will be crying." 
Kai sighed, "Guys, shut up. Now, what do you guys want to do today? " Aoi raised his hand and shouted, "Lets have !" A blushed made up Kai's cheeks as my and Ruki break up in laughter. Aoi's face still stern and serious, "You're not serious..?!?!" Aoi nodded and Kai face palmed. "Aoi shut up. I mean it!" Ruki and I came back from our high and I actually thought. "I have video games~" Kai shook his head. "Lets got to the mall!!!!!" I swear there was a light that lit up in all of their eyes. 
"Yeah! I need to buy stuff!" Kai agreed and I nodded, considering that I need to get some belts too. Aoi tapped my shoulder, "Don't forget to buy a new pick~" I nodded and laughed with him. Yeah, we play guitar, but I lost my pick somehow~ so I have to get a new one. 
We arrived at the music store where we always go to and lord. It was heaven!!! Ruki and Kai disappeared into the drum section as me and Aoi obviously are in the guitar.  We were wondering until... I heard a certain bass part playing... It was a Luna Sea's song, and also my favorite, Rosier.  I tapped Aoi in his shoulder and shushed him with my finger to my lips and signaled him to listen. The soft thuds of the bass that was plugged into an amp in the next section to us. 
He pursed his lips and crossed his arms as he listened. This person, had potential. He was good and accurate, not missing anything. Must be a fan. And to me curiosity... Remember children... "Curiosity killed the cat", and here I was, being the cat. I decided to walk over to the unknown person and be friends... 
"Hey, you're really good at playing the bass. You wanna be my friend?" I am a strange person, so after that being said I sorta felt dumb and panicked. "I'm just asking! No pressure..... Ah... Uhm.., I'm sorry,..I'm just gonna go.."  Then he turned around and .....  I mentally beated myself up.   
That stupid smirk! That stupid hair! How in the world did I not?!? Urgh!!!! I scowled and he put his bass away, "Sure~ I was waiting for a good year now.... Uru-chan~ " I grabbed his shirt and pinned him to the wall, "What in the freak in world are you doing here you-" he smirked and without notice, the wall was now behind me. "We'll that's rude, considering that my friend owns this place and you asked me to be friends with you. I'm hurt Uru, I'm really hurt." He says as he smirks and moves closer to my face. 
"You-" "URUHA! What are you doing to-... Oh... You busy?... Who's?" Reita let go of me and smiled. "Hello, I'm Uruha new friend, nice to meet you." He held out his hand and that was it. I grabbed him and out the section to the back. Again, pinning him to the wall, "I warn you. Keep. Away. From. Me. And. My. Friends." The. I backed off, not wanting more trouble and grabbed the others to zoom back home. Seeing Aoi's smirk... My life isn't getting any where easier. 
Author's comment: HI!!! Thanks for reading!!! Please comment below to just tell me if you actually read it. It can be short, I don't really mind. I just need to know if anyone actually reads this an likes it. So please, comment, this is my first fic so, excuse any errors. ~bows~ I will try hard! If you feel I lack anything please do inform me. And my tfic so far is really short~ xD

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