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3 boys tao, Chen and Sehun are best friends living alone in the woods. One night a following incident happened... That incident completely changed their lives... From normal humans, they turned into warewolves!!! Soon they meet other wolves just like them who called themselves exo. Life is dangerous with wolves hunters around. Life is hard when you have to get good grades in school. But most importantly, life is confusing when love gets in the way...



Tao: he is a very sensitive guy and is like an open book. Things get to him really easily. He is also very childish and is a BIG scardy cat!!! His best friends are Chen and sehun.

Chen: he is very cheeky and is always playing pranks on people. That's mainly the reason why no one likes him. But any ice will melt once they here his voice. His best friends are Tao and sehun.

Sehun: even tho he is the youngest out of the 3 best friends, he is the most maturest. He always cares for them.


Kris: he is the father of the group since he is the strongest. He is very protective to the people he cherishes but to everyone else, he is like unmeltable ice. He is also really popular with girls.

Suho: he is the mother of the group because he always takes care of them and helps them with anything however he has got this weird feeling for one of exo named yixing or lay.

yixing or lay: his real name is yixing but he prefers being called lay. He is really the gentleman of the group but hes very forgetfull. He also has this thing for suho.

xuimin: he is really caring and sweet and like Tao very sensitive. He is called baozi by people since his face is round and he's very cute.

luhan: he likes to be called manly but he really isn't. He is probally the most slefless person you will ever come across.

Kai: he always smiles because he thinks that's his charm. And he likes D,O but is scared that D.O doesn't like him Back.

D.O: he is very caring and a very good cook. Cooking is his passion and he always cooks for exo and loves doing it but for some reason he always does something more special for Kai.

baekhyun: he is really cold and hates everyone especially chanyeol. But he isn't bad inside and actually cares for exo.

Chanyoel: he is really loud and always laughs like there's no tomarrow. This really annoys everyone especially baekhyun(or bacon if you're chanyoel and want to annoy him badly) but even tho he always annoys them, that's how he expresses his love towards them. 

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shulahoops #1
Chapter 14: I like your story keep writing please :)
eunmin1314 #2
Chapter 15: chapter 14 : i like it and update soon ^.^
Pamilaaae #3
Chapter 15: Can't wait for the next update^^
zelo916 #4
Chapter 14: it is so funny im almost falling out of my seat!!!!!!keep doing funny posts!!!!fighting
luhanachos #5
Chapter 14: Aigoo cute>< update soon, authornim. Im waiting kekeke
Chapter 14: you story is good
BaoziJuu #7
Chapter 14: aigooo Baekhyun and Chanyeol, why do not you just say to the world that love soon ><

Taoris is much love ... OH MY GOD <3
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 14: This is soooooooooo cute!!!!
PrincessCeres #9
Chapter 14: Haha! Jelousy brings out the real feelings! Wahaha! xD So sweet! ^^
kifafafafafa #10
Chapter 14: haha cute fight and hunnie got jealous...update soon!!!