Sulli's Imaginary Ex-Boyfriend





"Sulli-yah, I need to ask you a favor"

"Sure...what do you want?"

"Yuri thinks you're my ex,can you...uhmm pretend to be my ex-girlfriend?"





            Five years ago,Minho asks Sulli to pretend to be his ex girlfriend in order to impress Kwon Yuri, who did not want to go out with guys who never had a prior relationships.She gamely agrees, unfortunately she developed a special kind of feelings for her neighbor childhood friend.Then, one day she finds out that the man she secretly been dreaming for the past five years is getting married!All of the sudden, things gets complicated as she decided to get his heart and steal him from Kwon Yuri.In the end, can Sulli get Minho or she'll end up empty handed and broken hearted?



Hi!this is my first time to write a fanfiction, I'm so nervous.I hope you will like my story.

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Chapter 1: NIce story..waiting for the next update..
kimipuys #2
Chapter 1: Nice story authornim,update soon!thanks :)
zangsia1 #3
Chapter 1: is it a plot for sulli to return to korea ? thanks authornim great start
naeminsul #4
Chapter 1: It sounds interesting since the beginning. But just let you know, I prefer a happy ending for Minsul ^^