You're the only one for me


tumblr_l2xd0814QQ1qz9ma1o1_250.jpga YULSIC oneshot


hope you all like it

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crazykwonyurifan #1
Chapter 1: Yeah me too certified yulsic royal shipper....that was short and sweet
Chapter 1: Sicababy hehe
poopheyy #3
Chapter 1: shot but sweet^^
EXObiasXiumin #4
This is so cute, I love it!
That pic has got to be photoshopped no way that's real.!!!!

But loved the story thx
YesungLover #6
Wow! I really liked it!! ^^
Yulsicafied09 #7
i love yulsic..<br />
thanks for sharing!!<br />
make an ongoing yulsic.<br />
hehehe.<br />
just a request..<br />
The_AJ #8
Wow nice and touching ! ^^ Hope you will make more like this ^^