Monstar (Season 2): One-shot


Main cast (OFFICIAL)

Yongseok (CROSS GENE) as Jang Eun-jae (19)

Min-ah (Girl's Day) as Eun Shin-kyung (18)

Hae-ryung (Bestie) as Go Seung-hee (19)

Go Hyun-jung as Pyo Jeong-ah (48)

Lee Yi-kyung as Kim Hyuk-jin (24)


Recurring cast (from S1):

Lee Hee Jin as Dokgo Soon

Kim San Ho as Choi Joon-goo

Lee Dal Hyung as the Vice-principal


Special appearance (OFFICIAL)

Park Ji-young as Park Da-jeong (Died at 46 in 2011)

Gil Eun-hye as Jang Eun-hye (25)

Takuya (CROSS GENE) as Takemoto Tsura (Died at 19 in 2011)

Yoo Tae-woong - Jang Sam-ho (47)


Episode 1: Another Beginning (OFFICIAL)

Cameos:Jong-hyun (CNBLUE) as Guitarist Jong-hyuk

                 Min-hyuk (CNBLUE) as Drummer Jin-hyuk

                 LEDapple as REDangle 

                 Tak Jae-hoon as Indie Club's stuttering host 

                 Song Byung-chul (GAGCON) as Guard #1; Kim Gi-ri (GAGCON) as Guard #2    

Featured songs (credits to the original singers)

1. 달빛요정역전만루홈런 (shorten as Homerun): [Grief is My Strength], [20-year-old me]

2. Leopon: [Your Song] (Monstar S2 OST Part 1)

3. Original Monstar OST: (Shake Up, Waltz of Yearning, Wandering Stars, etc.)

4. Another BG music (credits to Flower Boy Next Door OST)

5. Dear Friend (Epilogue), Wake Up (Prologue) [credits to SUFBB OST]

6. 임헌일 (Lim Heonil) - 내게 사랑을 말하지 말았어야 해요 (I Shouldn't Say "You Love Me")



Whether anyone is upset with this sudden decision I've made, I've decided that this is a stepping stone in improving my writing experience.


Whether or not I can make my REAL original drama script, I'm enjoying my ways of experimenting my writing abilities.

Thus, a big thanks and grateful wishes I've to anyone who read this episode, especially to uniquesnowflake for her comments give me confidence in challenging myself in becoming an author someday. :D

For my upcoming idea of next drama, its background will feature many acts of rapping and dancing which I guess you know this is based on a Mnet show. Hence, whether or not I can start writing a whole new episode, I still will write it whenever I can do.

So, thank you for your support at AsianFanfics. 

I'll still keep this account here, but now my stories are gonna be on wattpad.

So, if you're curious on my next writing project, it'll be called "Show Me What You've Got".

Unless you can comment here on another shorter title. Thank you and goodbye. :)

P.S I do not own the copyrights of Mnet or CJ E&M as they're the ones who have started this music drama of season 1.




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I'm really enjoying this! :D
it feels like a real drama already.
oh and I cannot wait for future episodes!
I like your idea for this~
Just watched the finale for Monstar on Friday.
Can't wait to start reading this.