Many things happened and I think they are finally taking a toll on me.

I am far from breaking down but this kind of loneliness is so intense that it scares me at times.


That's why I intend to write this drabbles collection and give myself some form of comfort.

Since I am a huge fan of Luna, I am intending to write this in third person and perhaps modify it a little to fit her life as an idol.

I am not too sure how this will turn out to be (but if you like, you can always contribute ideas on how to expand this into a proper fanfic) 


You don't have to comment or subscribe.

I will be more than happy to know that someone out there is willing to read this (and give me a listening ear.) 

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Chapter 3: ohmy, this is so sad:( author-nim, fighting! Maybe making it into a LunaxSuho fanfic would be even more interesting:) Anyway, i love this story so far! Update soon:)
Chapter 3: Omgeezls... this actually happened to you? Its so sad.
Chapter 2: Mommy this story is sad
Chapter 2: aww that's sad :(
Chapter 2: Does this happen to you if it does mommy I am here for you even though I am younger I face problems in school too:P but my friends are loyal(phew) and the story is good :)
Chapter 1: Sad and beautiful.
(Please don't feel sad and lonely anymore. But if you do, we're here for you, okay? If only for a while, we'll make you forget (if you want to, that is). You know how crazy we could be.)
TeukNa #7
Chapter 1: it's sad T.T but worth to read. I don't understand, does this happen to you? are you ok? cheer up :) fighting author-nim :)
Does this happen to you? :'( I would like to listen to your story...try to cheer you up if I can
Chapter 1: So angsty and sad T~T but it's beautifully written <3