Roll Like A Wolf


Sehun is missing.

Tao is desperate.

The pack is out searching 

And Kris is on the hunt 


What happens when the omega of xowl goes missing and Tao and his pack members desperately search for the missing wolf?


Tao, seperated from his pack and in stranger territory with night fast approaching

When he thought it couldn't get worse... it did 


When night falls...

the monsters come out to play




Luhan - Alpha of the pack, known for his cold and strick appearance, but in fact is kind and gentle, a side that is excusivley for his pack mates. Luhan is a fair and good leader, handling stressful situations well. He is silver white and has blue eyes. Even though he isn't the largest in the group, he is the strongest fighter and is very protective over his pack. Sometimes a little too protective. Luhan created the pack with D.O.

Tao - Beta of the pack, has a dark black coat with tints of red and has one blue eye and one green. Although he is the youngest of the pack, he is the largest in size. But it was he's fighting skills and exceptional senses that helped him climb the ranks of the pack. His lack of ambition makes him seem laid back and not fir for the role of second command, but he will get serious when he needs to. He has the most indimidating aura out of the pack but that dosen't mean he isn't scared of the dark and thunder. He has been with Sehun for as a long as he can remeber, they were the fourth and fifth members of the pack. 

D.O - Delta of the pack, D.O has a motherly role in the pack. Taking cared of the youngers ones he tends to have a soft spot for Tao. He has the smallest build of the pack but the biggest bite, ensuring his place as an important pack memeber. Dark grey fur and silver eyes. He was the original beta but he happily stepped down for him, despite the younger's protest. 

Baekhyun - Scout, known for his agility and speed. His speed makes him one of the best scouts, allowing him to track and hunt undetected, even with his stand out colour fur. Has snow white fur mixed with shades of golden yellow and has light yellow eyes. The joker and playful one of the pack. He loves playing around with Sehun and Tao his two favourite little brothers. He was originally a lone wolf and one of the last to join the pack but established himself having an affinity for being a scout

Xiumin - Hunter, Xiumin has a short but strong build and has great stamina. Has sandy - golden fur and chocolate brown eyesThis has proved useful through his many successful hunting trips. He is the only one in the group that is capable of taking down prey four times his size. His strong sense of duty and courage is respected among the ranks. Xiumin is the oldest of the pack but respects those above him. The one thing Xiumin lacked was a sense of leadership, he didn't like to order people around and even when the role of Alpha was offered to him by Luhan he polietly declined, knowing that Luhan would do the better job. Xiumin was the third pack member.


Sehun - Omega, Sehun is the omega. His fur colour is the most special and rare, he is different shades of brown, gold and grey and has purple eyes. Sehun's fur draws a lot of attention to him, many wanting them as their mate, but the packs guards him against intruders. Although he is the same age as Tao, his clumsiness as attributed to his rank in the pack. He is an all-rounded type of wolf. all though he does not excel in any of the areas. Hence giving him the role as the lowest in the pack. However his elders do not treat him poorly, it is only when he forgets his place, they are forced to remind him. He is best friends with Tao and has been travelling with him before they joined the pack. 



The other memebers of Exo are also included in this fic, but will appear in the story later

The main pairing are: Taoris and Baekyeol

For the other pairings I've decided to mix it up a bit ^-^ 


This is my third fic and my inspiration came from all the other wolf fics I've been reading 

I've bascially read all the ones I could find on taoris but when I couldn't find anymore

I just thought that I'd make my own.

This is my own original work and its a coincidence if it's really similar (Sorry)

I hope you guys enjoy this story! ^-^

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Constructive critism and thoughts would be nice :)

Please don't be too harsh 

Thank you~


(P.S I know both of Tao's eyes in the photo is green, I tried photoshopping it myself...but it didn't turn out so well. So please use your imaginations :) )


Cr. to the owners for the photos and gifs


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