TeenTop Café
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                “Oh, so this is Byunghun’s boyfriend.” Chanhee heard a female voice.

                Chanhee looked up only to see a woman, who seemed older than him, holding her hand towards Chanhee to help him stand up as she smiled. Chanhee tilted his head to the right in confusion as he looked at the hand, but he grabbed it, anyway.

                “Uh, thank you. But, who are you, noona?” Chanhee asked, only to get a squeal from her, which made him surprised as his eyes went wide like saucers.

                “Oh, my God, you’re so precious!” She squealed and pounced onto Chanhee and hugged him before pulling out and patting his head. “Yes, call me noona, okay? So, I heard life has been hard?”

                Chanhee eyed her weirdly. He barely knew her—no, he didn’t know her at all; yet, she knew his life and asked him about it. Well, it wasn’t really that surprising because of the crazy stuffs that had been happening. She might know it from TV and felt bad about it, Chanhee thought as he smiled.

                “I’m okay, noona. It’s been crazy lately, but I’m fine.”

                She was about to open , which made Chanhee thought that she was going to squeal again, until a shout cut it off.

                “Chanhee! Are you okay?” Byunghun shouted as he ran towards Chanhee and the woman but he stopped on the middle of his track when he saw the woman. “Y-you, what are you doing here?! Stay away from him!” Byunghun shouted as he ran towards Chanhee and yanked him from the woman’s grip, wrapping one of his arm protectively around Chanhee’s shoulder.

                “Yah, Byunghun-ah, it’s fine; this noona was just helping me standing up after I bumped onto her.” Chanhee explained.

                “N-noona? Chanhee, we are going to go to hospital to check on your eyes after this.” Byunghun said before turning to the woman. “And you, old hag, don’t touch my boyfriend.”

                Chanhee’s eyes widened at Byunghun’s remark. He had never thought that Byunghun was like that; talking rudely to someone he didn’t even know. Chanhee was about to scold Byunghun but the woman beat Chanhee to it; she slapped the back of Byunghun’s head harshly, making Chanhee cringed because it did look so hurt.

                “Yah! You brat! How dare you call your mother old hag!” She folded her hands in front of her chest after slapping Byunghun’s head.

                “Ow, ow. Ya, umma, I’m wounded here, how could you treat a wounded person like that. And he’s my boyfriend, yet you ask him to call you noona?” Byunghun scoffed as he rubbed the sore part of his head.

                “Wait, what? You’re his mother?” Chanhee asked, eyes widening. “A-annyeong haseyo, my name is Lee Chanhee.” Chanhee bowed 90 degrees.

                “Oh my, he’s so polite. Why can’t you be my son?” She said dramatically as she wiped her non-existing tears. “But, it’s fine, you don’t have to be so formal. And, even if he’s stupid, sometimes he makes a good point; just call me umma, okay?” She smiled at him and earned a nod from Chanhee.

                “Why are you here anyway? You rarely at home, but now you come here.” Byunghun said, furrowing his brows.

                “Well, I heard the news. I think your father knows, too; he told me about you moving out of home. I’ve never thought that you would be able to make such a commitment to someone since you were always fooling around with some girls; I guess I was wrong.” She noticed the look on Chanhee’s face when she mentioned Byunghun’s past, and so did Byunghun. “But, don’t worry; it was a long time ago.” She added, much to Byunghun’s relieve; the last thing he wanted was Chanhee being upset at him and ignored him for god-knows-how-long.

                Tightened his hug, Byunghun whispered something on Chanhee’s ear. “Don’t worry, princess; you’re the only one I see now and no one even has a chance against you.” Byunghun sighed in relief when he saw Chanhee nodded but he was still pouting a little.

                In the end, Chanhee did ignore Byunghun but it didn’t last long; Byunghun apologized and the so-called innocent apology turned into a make out session. So, everything was good. The next day was Saturday and Byunghun didn’t have any class. So, he could relax a bit.

                Since this morning, Chanhee had been acting all shy in front of Byunghun. How could someone be so innocent, Byunghun thought and shook his head, smiling as he stared at Chanhee, who was preparing the café. Byunghun couldn’t help but to notice Chanhee’s round that kept moving left and right as the owner was sweeping the floor, which, by the way, made Byunghun felt like he was being teased.

                Chanhee felt like someone was boring into his body and he turned back. Indeed, Byunghun was staring at him, making him blushed. Chanhee turned back again and felt like running away when Byunghun walked towards him. The event from last night was still lingering inside his head; how Byunghun nibbled on his lips, and how he on Chanhee’s jawline and neck.

                “Ya, Chanhee-ah, why are you acting so shy and all? We’ve been together for quite some time, you know.” Byunghun whispered onto his ear as he back-hugged Chanhee, sending shivers down Chanhee’s spine.

                “Ya, Byunghun, not here; customers might come anytime soon.” Chanhee whined, not like it was going to stop Byunghun.

                Byunghun was nibbling on Chanhee’s earlobe when suddenly the bell rang and the door was opened. Much to Byunghun’s disappointment, Chanhee pushed Byunghun’s arm away to serve the customer, who turned out to be Byunghun’s mother.

                Seeing Chanhee’s red face, she looked at the sulking Byunghun, who was one step away from Chanhee, and back to Chanhee. “Did I disturb something? I was just going to pay a visit.”

                “N-no, umma, do you want me to make something?” Chanhee offered, trying to ease the awkward atmosphere.

                Byunghun scoffed and went back to the kitchen. Great, I was being ed by my own umma, Byunghun thought as he sighed.


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