The House

Something New

Chanyeol's POV 

Yeah so me and Ji-Yeon are really getting married.. We are just friends and she is not my type. So we are here in my car not really my car but my parents car.. We are going to a house where me and Ji-Yeon will live for the rest of our lives.. Were here


"Daebak! The place looks big!" Ji-Yeon said.. The living room was kinda cool cause its big and already has furniture... Wait it's near our dorm.. Wait no! The guys shouldn't find about me and Ji-Yeon getting married.. "Eomma why does it have to be near EXO's Dorm.. What if they find out about the marriage?" i asked 


"Well they have to know sooner or later.. So tell them later!" My mom said.. aissh sometimes she can be enthusiastic and thats were i got my image.. Well you know cause i'm always happy LOL "So you'll be staying here.. and Chanyeol will drop you to your dorm when you have practices and other things ara?" My mom said to Ji-Yeon and she just nodded.. aigoo.. worst day! 




Someones calling me.. No name i wonder whose calling me? "Yoboseyo?"


[Ah Chanyeol-ssi.. This is Ji-Yeon's mom! could you drop of Ji-Yeon theirs something urgent came up and we can't drop her off is it okay with you?] well i can't say no that would be rude 


"N-ne its fine" i said 


[Ahh jinja? gomawo! Take care ara? k bye] the she hang up 


"Ok will leave you two and will come back later!" my mom said then they both left.. Ji-Yeon sat down on the chair then check her phone 


"Ji Yeon-ah" i said.. She looked at me with that innocent face *she looks cute* i said in my mind.. wait what am i saying??!! 


"Ne?" she asked "Your mom told you that i will just drop you off to your dorm" i said while scratching my the back of my neck 


"ah j-jeonmal? ahh ara" she said "Let's go!" i said then we went to the car then drove her their dorm.. It has an akward silence but i spoke to break the silence "Were really gonna get married huh?" 


"Hmm" she said while nodding "Aissh we didn't met this wouldn't happen" i said.. their was a silence again.. 


"So your saying that your regretting that we met?" she said in an mad voice "A-aniyo! i meant umm" i couldn't think of an excuse.. 


"*sigh* ara! yeah your right we shouldn't have met and be friends.. So after we get married we could get divorce anytime you want" she said while her head is looking down.. 


"Fine! i didn't really say that i regret meeting you!" i shouted because i was a little annoyed from what she said.. She didn't spoke neither did I.. their was a silence again.. *sigh* i didn't really mean that i regret meeting her well a little bit .. agh! nevermind.. So were infront of their dorm.. She unbuckle her seatbelt 


"Ji Yeon is some--" i didn't get to continue cause she left the car immediately.. Aissh women can't really understand them *sigh* 



Its just a short update nothing really special about this chapter LOL xD I know its boring i can't think of a story for this Chapter cause i went to the dentist awhile ago cause-- its a long story nevermind XD.. The next chapter is the pictures for there houses ara? Ok Don't forget to subscribe vote and comment :))) 

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Vyeon_ #1
Chapter 13: Yeyyyy. I see my un again. Hahahaha reading your story again ^_^
Myjiyeon #2
Chapter 13: Thank u so much authornim 4 mentioning me.....ur story is really great and I'm enjoying it
Vyeon_ #3
Chapter 33: It's done reading huhuhuhu </3 is there more your story? That Jiyeon is the main role?
Chapter 13: leee1010 that's my username!////
doraemon27 #5
Chapter 33: great story thor :)
i like your story very much
please make another chanyeon fanfic
i really like this couple
keChoAk #6
Chapter 33: yeay so cutee
1year_already #7
Chapter 33: Such a great story authornim. It's not too fluffy and i like that. Sometimes when i read it, it seems real keke
i really anticipated next chanyeon stories from you authornim. Keep writing gud stories like this authornim :D
Dea_Jiyeon #8
Chapter 33: Done reading it, like i mean love your story ChanYeon and kaiStall
jungfaehyun #9
Chapter 33: such a great story!!!!! <3 ChanYeon couple the best <3
Retsel_ #10
Chapter 33: Mm.. it's the end.!!!! I enjoyed reading it... Chanyeon couple.... :")) ♥ ♥ ♥