☆ Beauty Tips and Tutorials ☆


Hello everyone, my name is Krystallee.

This story is exactly as the title suggests; Beauty Tips and Tutorials. This will more be of a guide rather than a story because what kind of story does this?

I came up with this idea after watching numerous videos about them on YouTube and also looking them up on google (for science!) so I decided to write this in order to help others who may be interested in this sort of topic.

This will give you tips and tutorials on various matters, these will include:

  • Skin Care Tips
  • Make-Up tips
  • Food Tips
  • Type of Moisturiser to use based on skin type
  • Creating make-up at home
  • And anything else you can think of.


I'll try to recommend products, including ones that I find useful, for reference and if you can think of any that I haven't mentioned then feel free to comment them below so others can see it.

So let's go!


19/06/16 - Triple Update Yaayy~

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anna98 #1
Chapter 21: wow ! this tips is daebak ! good job , author-nim /thumbs up/
please update soon , with more tips ! /cant wait/
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Hi! It's good to find a Beauty Blog on Aff!! Please check out mine too!
Chapter 18: omg. i thought i was the only one who did this. hahahahah.
ryokoh #5
Chapter 15: can do maybe some fashion ideas?
ParkVictory #6
Chapter 14: Could you possibly include recommend products ?
XOXO_Lee_Joon #7
Please check out my blog too!
XOXO_Lee_Joon #8
ChaNette #9
Chapter 2: hi! im ur first subbie(: thanks for making this! and pls if u can take a look at my firs fanfic(: