Chapter 4: YoonWon's Love

Sudden Confession


Yoona's P.O.V


    I laid on my bed and I checked my phone. I was shocked to see that I had 100 missed calls in just one day. I checked it and it's Wonnie oppa. "What's wrong with him?" I asked myself.


    "Yoong! What's wrong with you?" Yuri unnie asked me as she entered the room. I shook my head and she laid down on her bed, as I keep on staring at my phone. "You know what? Yesung oppa called me. But Minho texted me so I ended up the call. Is it right to do it?" she asked me and I smiled.


    "That's wrong unnie! You shouldn't do that to Yesung oppa!" I said and I didn't pay attention at her.


    "YAH! IM YOON AH! ARE YOU LIKE THAT? GAH~! FOR HUMAN's AND SIMBA'S SAKE! PAY ATTENTION AT WHAT I'M SAYING!" she yelled at my ears and I jumped at surprise. I rubbed my ears and stared at her.


    "Unnie! That's your problem not mine! And why do you need to brag about Wonnie oppa?" I said and she evily smiled.


    "I didn't mention Siwon or Choi Siwon! I just said SIMBA! Oh! That means you are inlove with him!" she suddenly start teasing me and I blushed hard.


    "Unnie! I'm not inlove with him! He is just my partner and nothing more!" I lied and I close my eyes to pretend I'm already sleeping. I can feel my heart is beating faster when I heard Wonnie oppa's name.


End Of P.O.V



Siwon's P.O.V


    I'm really worried at Yoong. She didn't answer any of my calls. I think she is still mad at me. But I don't know why? If only I knew, I would say sorry right away on her. This is the thing, I'm most afraid of. I'm afraid that our friendship will ruin. I close my eyes.




    The next day, I woke up. I hurriedly checked my phone. I received a text message and it is from Yoong.




    Oppa. I'm sorry for yesterday. I was busy with my shcedule. I hope you understand ^^ Anyway, see you later at the photoshoot!




    I blinked my eyes at the word photoshoot. I didn't know that I had a photoshoot today. I received another text, this time it's from my manager hyung. He told me to get ready because I had a photoshoot today. I smiled widely as I stood up from my bed. "I'll get to see Yoong again! I really love this! I'm praying that this time, there will be no more burden!" I thought to myself.




    After a few hours, I arrived at the studio. The first person that catched my eyes is Yoong. She's shining where ever she sat. She is talking with other SNSD members. I sighed and walked.


    "Hey! Simba!" Jessica greeted me first.


    "Hi Yoong!" I said. I forgot that Sica was the one who greeted me.


    "Oh! Hi Wonnie oppa!" she said.


    "Aigoo~~! LEE DONGHAE! YOU NEED TO SHOW UP! I'M FEELING ALONE!" Sica suddenly yelled.


    "Yah! Sica! Your fishy bought cocumbers!" Yuri .


    "Yah! Kwon Yuri!" Sica coldly said and we laughed. I suddenly leaned closer to Yoona.


    "I have to tell you something. Yoong. Can I talk to you for a moment?" I asked and she nodded. I hold her hand tightly and we sneak away.




    "Ah! The sky is perfect!" I started as I turned to her.


    "Yeah! Somewhat nice for today! Oppa. Before you say anything else can you please let go of my hand?" she said and I felt embarrassed. I let go of her hand and stared at her face. "So. What is it?" she said.


    "Uhm~~" I sighed. The atmosphere becomes akward this time. "Yoong... Do you had a ugly side?" I suddenly asked and she laughed.


    "It's that what you want to asked? Oppa! It's up to your eyes!" she said and continue to laughed.


    "I'm sorry to asked you that. Anyway, Yoongie..." I paused. "Will you marry me?" I suddenly asked. The words just came out suddenly on my mouth. I covered my mouth and she stared at me.


    "Oppa? Are you alright?" she asked me and I nodded. "Gah~~! What's wrong with you? Are you sick?" she asked me again and I shook my head. She put her hands around my neck and my heart starts to beat fast. She leaned closer to me and then she...


    "Oppa. Stop fooling around. I'm not in the mood today!" she whispered and she face me.


    "I'm not.. Yoong.. I love you!" I suddenly confessed and she stared at me. "Yoona.. That's what I want to say. Saranghae!" I repeat.


    "Yah! Don't fool me!" she said.


    "No! I'm not! Yah! Do you think I'm just fooling you?" I asked her and she nodded. I start to walked away with my embarrassed face.


    "SARANGHAE CHOI SIWON!" she suddenly yelled and I secretly smiled. I turned around to face her and she was laughing. "Wonnie oppa! Saranghaeyo!" she repeated and I run to her and hugged her. I face her and I smiled at her.


    "That means.. You are now mine." I said and she smiled at me.


    "You are selfish! I'am owned by my 8 sisters and SONEs! But.. My heart belongs to you!" she said and I kissed her lips.


End Of P.O.V


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