Sudden Confession




   Jessica and Donghae once dated. After a years past Donghae's love for Jessica didn't fade yet. One day, he encourage himself to propose to her. Would his Sudden Confession failed? Or his Sudden Confession will returned his Jessica back?






    Siwon was totally inlove with Yoona but he don't have guts to confess to her. Because there are lots of guys surrounding Yoona, he thought that he will be the last guy on the planet that Yoona will think of. But because of twisted fate, he would encourage himself to make a Sudden Confession on her. Would Yoona accept it or will she rejects it?




Jessica Jung Sooyeon

- the Ice Princess

- everyone thinks that she is cold but to Donghae she is his princess


Im Yoon Ah

- the Center Girl

- She had a childish but cute personality and because of it she was called as Im Choding. She is also known as Deer. But to Siwon, her Deer beauty and Choding personality melt him.


Lee Donghae

- the Fish Prince

- he is also known as Fish Prince because of her almost fish face. His another nickname is Fishy.


Choi Siwon

- the Soldier Of Light

- he had a smile that can melt any girls heart. He is also called Simba.



SNSD/ Girls' Generation

- most popular girl group

- every guy loves them


Super Junior

-most popular boy group

- they can melt every girls heart

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YoongWon #1
Haesica & Yoonwon fighting
Deery00ng #2
Y0onw0n cute
Deery00ng #3
Y0onw0n fTw
Deery00ng #4
Yo0nw0n :-)
haesica.. <3
Its finished already :( Well i'll wait for the sequel if ever ^^
smurfette #7
This story is so short, but it's so cute.
the story was short but i loved it!! hope you can write a sequel soon :D
geeyoonwon #9
update soon with YoonWon moments please ..<br />
YoonWon jjang
Yay!! Sica finally accept it! :> I'm happy for them ;)<br />
<br />
Update soon :)