Inescapable Love

Taemin had gone into the bathroom to shower after he had woken up in bed alone. He stood there, beneath the stream of gushing water with a hand pressed to his chest. Lately his lover had been strange and secretive and always avoiding Taemin's questions. Taemin bit his lips as he tried not to cry from the pain in his chest. Was he losing his lover? He couldn't lose him. He didn't want to lose him. What had he done wrong? How does he fix this? Taemin bit his lips as he forced the tears back and showered quickly. He opened the door and stopped short when he heard his lover's voice.

"I can't let him find out about this, hyung." His lover was saying, probably on the phone with someone.

'What can't his lover let him find out about?' Taemin wondered as he continued eavesdropping, fighting the emotion that was threatening to suffocate him.

"So did you get the stuff? Okay good." His lover said. "Alright make sure no one finds out about what we're doing. Taemin can't know about any of this."

Taemin felt his heart stop and had to clamp a hand over his mouth to cover up his struggle to breathe properly. What was going on? What was his lover keeping from him? He continued listening even as his brain began once again suggesting all sorts of horrible ideas.

"Okay I'll be right over Kyungsoo hyung." His lover said into the phone. When Taemin heard that name the notions fed to his brains began spinning out of control. His lover was always with that person these days. He spent more and more time with Kyungsoo than he spent with Taemin. "I'll just make some excuse that my members need me to come over and that it's important. See you in a bit. Bye."

Taemin clutched at his chest as he heard his lover hung up the phone and he steadied himself to walk into the bedroom. He avoided looking at his lover because if he did, he knew he would break down right there and then. Taemin dropped the towel that was around his waist as he deliberately walked around his room looking for the clothes he was going to wear. When he had pulled his boxer on and turned to get his shirt, he found his lover giving him a smoldering look and Taemin smirked. A little flicker of hope began lighting within Taemin that maybe he had just been hallucinating and that he wasn't losing his lover. Taemin tossed the shirt aside and decided he was going to wear one of his lover's shirt instead. He opened the dresser where his lover's clothes were kept and took out his favorite t-shirt and pulled it on over his head. In the time it had taken for him to push his hands and head through the correct holes, his lover had moved to take him into his arms and Taemin felt a happy flicker in his heart as he looked up into those lust filled eyes. Before he could say anything, his lover had captured his lips in a fierce passionate kiss which he gladly reciprocated. However, just when he thought that finally his lover was going to give him what he had been longing for for weeks now, his lover pulled away.

Taemin pouted up at his lover and heard him chuckle before saying, "Tae, I have to go do some important things."

"More important than me?" Taemin blurted out and his lover just pecked him on his lips lightly before letting go of Taemin.

"Tae don't be like this...It's really important that I do this baby." His lover said as Taemin still clung to him.

"Jonginie..." Taemin whined at his lover, feeling his heart sink as Jongin sighed and released himself from Taemin's grip.

"My members need me for some stuff." Jongin said hating himself for lying to his lover but what could he do? He couldn't tell the boy about any of it. Taemin, on the other hand, felt his body run cold at Jongin's statement as he remembered his lover's earlier conversation with Kyungsoo.

"Fine!" Taemin exploded, refusing to show Jongin just how badly he was hurting him with his lies. "Go!! You obviously don't care for me any-mmphmm.."

Before Taemin could finish what he was saying, Jongin had crushed his lips onto Taemin's in a rough passionate kiss. When the kiss ended, Taemin's eyes were slightly glazed over and his knees felt weak but he forced himself to remain standing. Why would Jongin kiss him so passionately and still lie to him right to his face? How could he do this?

"Lee Taemin don't go there. Don't you dare doubt my feelings for you." Jongin said with his hands on either side of Taemin's face, holding Taemin;s head so he could look directly into his lover's eyes. Taemin felt his eyes beginning to prick and he blinked quickly, refusing to cry in front of Jongin. "Just..Just have a little patience and faith in me okay. Please baby."

Taemin didn't trust his voice to speak and so he nodded his head. Jongin gave him a small smile before pecking his lips quickly and turned to leave. Just before he left the room, Jongin turned back and smirked at Taemin causing Taemin's heart to flutter even more wildly.

"I do love you in my shirt baby..." Jongin said with a wink before leaving a brightly blushing Taemin behind.

Taemin allowed his knees to give out on him when he heard Jongin close the front door. He collapsed on the bed and tried to sort his head out but his thoughts were in such a mess. The longer Taemin lay on the bed in the empty silent house that he and Jongin had bought for over three years now. Taemin couldn't believe that it had really been three years ever since they had first started dated. Oh how full of passion they had been back then. How in love with each other they had been. Now, recently, Taemin had begun to wonder if his lover was getting tired of him. Jongin wouldn't cheat on him right? He would go behind Taemin's back with some other person right? He was not secretly dating Kyungsoo right? He wasn't having any feelings for Kyungsoo right? Last he had checked, Kyungsoo was still single. Taemin thought back to all the lies Jongin had fed him whenever he went out to go to Kyungsoo. Taemin could feel his chest trying to close in on himself and he sat up fighting it all back. No Jongin wouldn't betray his trust in him. Had he not just asked Taemin to have faith in him? Had he not just kiss Taemin passionately? Taemin flopped down back on the bed cursing. He needed to talk to someone and so he picked up his phone and called the first person who came to mind: Key, his band mate and good friend. As soon as Key had heard how broken up Taemin sounded over the phone, he had immediately announced that he was coming over whether or not they younger liked it or not.

Fully dressed and sitting in the living room, Taemin jumped up at the sound of the door bell and went to let Key in. He had just barely closed the door when he found himself enveloped into a tight hug. When Key finally released Taemin, they headed for the living room and sat down, watching the drama on the television in silence, laughing every now and then at something funny. When it was over, Taemin looked down at his feet and wondered how to broach the topic but he didn't have to worry about that too much as Key, being the ever blunt guy he was, got straight to the matter at hand.

"What did Jongin do?" Key asked with narrowed eyes and Taemin's head snapped up. There was no point in asking how Key knew that it was Jongin who was bothering Taemin. Taemin was only a mess like this when it came to Kim Jongin.

"I...It's...It's the lies...the phone calls....Kyungsoo hyung is like in the middle of all of this." Taemin began and once he got started the rest just fell out of his mouth. "He avoids my questions....He rarely is with me sometimes....I don't know what to think anymore hyung. It feels like I'm losing him. I can't lose him hyung. I love him too much. I can't lose him. It hurts so bad hyung but he doesn't seem to see that. I want to believe that he wouldn't betray my trust but I don't know...I don't know anything anymore hyung. God it feels like I'm going insane!! He kisses me passionately sometimes and I hope that maybe he still does love me and but we haven't even made love in a month! Before he could barely keep his hands off of--"

"Uh Tae spare me the details..." Key said with a grimace cutting off Taemin.

"HYUNG!!" Taemin exploded and Key held up his hands.

"Have you tried talk---" Key began but Taemin cut him off.

"Haven't you been listening?! I said he avoids my question or any form of talk about our relationship. Every time I bring it up, he either kisses and then leave or something convenient happens." Taemin said unhappily. "He says to be patient and have faith in him but how can--"

This time Key cut Taemin off by saying, "Then why don't you."

"Huh?" Taemin said blinking as he looked up at Key.

"Why don't you just have faith in him like he asked you to?" Key said looking at Taemin with a serious look on his face.

Before Taemin could open his mouth to answer that, Key's phone began ringing. Key took one look at it and swore before answering it quickly. He got up and moved away from Taemin so that Taemin could hear or nor see who the caller was. Taemin frowned. Who would his hyung not want him to know about??? Taemin stared at Key as he listened to the one-sided conversation.

"Yeoboseyo." Key said and then Taemin saw his gaze slid towards him before Key turned away again. Maybe he had just been imagining things? "MWO?!!" Taemin jumped and put a hand to his chest at Key's exclamation. "Can't you guys do anything without me?! Aishhh!! I'll be there in a few."

He hung up and came over to Taemin with an apologetic look on his face. Taemin sighed and said, "Go on."

"I'm sorry Taemin but it's something important." Key said and then he rolled his eyes. "Nobody can't seem to do anything properly without me."

That made Taemin laugh as he got up to walk the guy to the door. "See you are hyung." Taemin said before hugging Key.

"Yeah and remember what I said concerning Jongin okay." Key said and Taemin nodded. "Oh what do you want for your birthday anyway?"

"Jongin." Taemin said without thinking. Key rolled his eyes.

"You already have him." Key said with a second eye roll.

"Umm fine then a happy life with Jongin." Taemin said sadly.

"Aisshh something that I can easily get you! Or maybe I should just wrap Kim Jongin up and have him delivered." Key said exasperated. Taemin chuckled and Key gave him a grudging smile.

"Good-bye hyung." Taemin waved good bye to Key before going back up into the bedroom and lay on his bed.

His birthday was tomorrow and Jongin showed no sign that he remembered that fact. Taemin hoped he could spend some nice quality time together with lover and hopefully fix what was going wrong in their relationship. Taemin spent the entire day at home and when night came, he went to bed sadly as Jongin had still not returned nor was he answering his phone. He had tried calling the EXO dorm but no one answered. Taemin did his best to hold in the tears that were forming in his eyes. He would not cry. He would have faith in his lover. Jongin would come home. He had to. After all Taemin's 32nd birthday was tomorrow. His lover would come home to celebrate with him. Taemin stayed awake waiting for Jongin to come home. He drifted in and out of sleep. Once he woke up sweating from a nightmare where Jongin had left him. He got up trembling to get himself some water and checked the time. It was mid-night and still Jongin hadn't returned home. Taemin drank the water and opted for a banana milk as he tried to keep the tears from falling in his eyes. No he would not cry. He would believe that Jongin would come back to him. He would have faith in his lover. He would not think upon the prospect of Jongin betraying his trust. With a firm thought in his head, Taemin went back to bed and stared up at the ceiling. Tick Tock Tick Tock! Time went by and still Jongin didn't come home. Taemin turned over in bed and the first drop of his tear fell. His heart felt like it was going to shrivel up and die. Were was Jongin? Tick Tock Tick Tock! Taemin almost got out of bed and smashed the damn clock. It was around 3:00 A.M in the morning when Taemin finally fell asleep, his body no longer able to handle the exhaustion; physical and mental.

When he woke up it was noon of his birthday day and Jongin was no where to be seen. Taemin felt like crying all over again but somehow he managed not to and got out of bed. After he had brushed his teeth, he stared at his haunted expression in the mirror and smiled wryly.

"Well Happy Birthday to you Lee Taemin." Taemin said to his reflection in an emotionless voice.

Just then the door bell rang and he moved to answer it. When he saw Key standing there, his hope that had flared up died.

"Well you look a sight." Key said as he stepped into the house. "Happy birthday Taemin."

"Thanks." Taemin said in an emotionless voice.

"Oh lord help me!" Key said rolling his eyes before grabbed Taemin's hands and dragged him up to his room. When they got there Key shoved Taemin into the bathroom and told him to shower quickly. When Taemin made no move to do as he was told, Key threatened to bathe Taemin himself if he had to. That got Taemin moving. By the time Taemin stepped out of the shower, he found Key sitting on his bed with two big boxes lying there next to him.

"What's this?" Taemin asked hesitantly as he pulled on his boxer.

"Open it." Key commanded shoving the box towards Taemin who did as he was told before gasping as he stared at the designer clothes.

"Hyung these--"

"Put them on. Now." Key said taking them quickly out of the boxes and tossed them at Taemin. "They're my label. Happy Birthday Taemin." When Taemin just stood there looking dumbfounded, Key snapped. "Do you need me to help you into those?"

Taemin began moving quickly beneath Key's glare and pulled on the outfit his hyung had given to him. He still didn't understand why Key was making him get all dressed up like this for. He wanted to just head back into bed and sleep this Jongin-less time away. However, he feared commanding Key too much and so he just did as he was told without complaining. When Key had finished fussing over Taemin's hair, he grabbed his hands and said,

"Alright let's go."

"Huh? Where?" Taemin asked as he followed after Key helplessly.

"I'm kidnapping you for the day." Key said as they walked through the door and locked it. "We've got a long way to go."

"Wha-?" Taemin asked as he got shoved into the passenger seat of Key's car and buckled in. He was still in a daze as they pulled out of the driveway. "Where are we going?"

"Where you want to go." Key said as they pulled onto the public road.

"Huh?" Taemin replied smartly.

"Don't you want to see the love you were moping over???" Key asked exasperated, rolling his eyes. Taemin wondered if it was safe to have an eye-rolling Key driving on the busy busy busy highway. Wait what had he said?

"You're...taking me..to Jongin???" Taemin asked hesitantly as he tried to make sense of what he had just heard.

"Do you have some other love?" Key asked again rolling his eyes. Taemin shook his head in a firm denial. "Then obviously it's Jongin I'm taking you to you idiot."

"But....how...what...where...???" Taemin asked in mass confusion.

"Because you look pitiful and you're my loveable son." Key replied with a sarcastic smile at Taemin.

When they left the city, Key really floored the accelerator and Taemin forgot all his questions and hung onto his seat for dear life. Taemin had forgotten that Key's car was a convertible and so he got a little surprise when the shadow that had been above him began moving and the wind got into his hair from odd directions. Looking up, he saw the retractable part retracting and then he heard Key let out a whoop of joy as the wind whipped through their hairs. Key reached over and turned up the music and grinned at Taemin.

"Live a little man. Enjoy life. Enjoy the day~!" Key yelled over at Taemin. "IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!"

Taemin looked over at Key in shock. The wind was blowing his hair in every direction but he was not complaining at all about his hair being messed up. When Key noticed Taemin's stare, he turned his head towards him and asked, "What?"

"Who are you and what have you done to my hyung?" Taemin said looking pointedly at Key's hair blowing in the wind.

"Meh. It's not every day I get to drive like this so I'm trying not to worry about my hair." Key said  offhandedly but Taemin saw him checking his hair in the side mirror and wincing slightly. That caused Taemin to laugh and Key glared at him. "Yah look at yourself before laughing at your hyung."

Taemin glanced into the the side mirror and winced as he saw his hair blowing in every direction. Key must have noticed his expression because he started chuckling and this time it was Taemin glaring at Key. And then they both began laughing like crazy maniacs.

"Whoo!!!" Taemin yelled exhilarated as Key took a turn particularly sharp. Key smiled to himself when he saw the happy look on Taemin's face. Taemin could feel his excitement level rise up and he unbuckled his seat belt and stood up. "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOO!!!!!! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ES!!!!"

And that's when Key started laughing like crazy and took out his phone to snap a picture of Taemin. "Yah what are you doing?!" Taemin yelled at the sound of the camera tone.

"I'm so sending this to everybody~~" Key said in a sing song voice and Taemin blushed brightly and quickly sat back down, strapping himself back up before trying to get his hands on Key's cellphone. Taemin cursed his short hands as Key held his phone with his left hand while he steered with his right. "Yah settle down. I'm driving! Or do you not want me to take you to where you want to go?"

At that Taemin settled back with a pout and the only sound between them was the sound of Key's music player blasting out some girl group song. Taemin sat enjoying the wind on his face before he couldn't resist asking again, "Hyung where are we going?! Where's Jongin?"

In answer to Taemin, Key reached over and turned up the music and began singing along loudly. After a while, Taemin gave up and began singing along with his hyung. He felt by far better than he had when Key had dragged him out of the house. His thoughts were still on Jongin but then again when was his thoughts never on his lover? Still the negative thoughts were kept at bay and so the time flew by and the sky began turning dark. Taemin began feeling sleepy and must have fallen asleep for when he opened his eyes, he found that Key had put the car shade back up and they were passing through a location with trees everywhere you look. He looked over at Key who was nodding his head to some American music while he drove. Was Key really kidnapping him? Key turned his head and then smiled as he saw that Taemin was awake.

"We're almost there." Key said and Taemin nodded his head as he tried to throw off the sleep. "Hungry?"

Taemin shook his head but then his stomach rumbled and he quickly changed his answer. "Starving actually." Taemin admitted with a small smile as he peered out the window, trying to see where Key was really taking him.

"Want an energy bar?" Key asked but Taemin shook his head. He hated those things. "Alright. Bare with it for a bit more. You'll eat soon enough."

Just then Key's phone began ringing and he reached over and quickly snatched it. "Almost there baby." was all he said into the phone before cutting it off and Taemin gave Key as suspicious look. But before Taemin could question his hung, Key began driving up a winding driveway and suddenly Taemin knew where they were as he spot the cute bungalow.

"Hyung..." was all Taemin got out of his mouth as he stared at the dark building when they came to a stop.

"We're here.." Key said and got out of the car followed by Taemin.

This was the bungalow, he and Jongin came to whenever they decided to take extended vacation away from prying eyes and just wanted to be by themselves. They kept coming back here because Taemin loved it and Jongin couldn't refuse Taemin anything. Taemin was startled out of his reverie by the sound of Key's alarm and he spun around with a hand over his heart before Key pressed the remote to quiet it. Without looking in Taemin's direction, Key began walking and Taemin hurried to catch up as the night sounded extra quiet and the building looked a little too dark. Taemin was never someone who enjoyed the dark and so he quickly ran up to Key and clutched onto him tightly. Key opened the entrance door and Taemin held onto Key tightly as Key moved into the house and closed the door behind him. He wondered why Key had the light as Key began moving again. Taemin was about to ask Key why they hadn't the light when Key extricated himself from Taemin's grip and disappeared into the darkness. Taemin, with his heart pounding in fright, began looking for a light switch to find his hyung when he found his hand gripping what seemed like a door way and so he moved a bit and then stopped short at the sight before him.

"Happy Birthday love." a voice said and even though Taemin couldn't see the face properly he would know that voice anywhere.

"Jongin..." Taemin said quietly and then he was blinking rapidly, trying to get his eyes to adjust to the sudden bright light. Someone had turned the light on and then his ears was accosted with "SURPRISE!!!" and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE TAEMIN!!"

Taemin looked up and his eyes took in the sight of all of his friends standing there with bright happy smiles on their faces. His gaze sweeped over the room, taking in the breath taking decoration and then his eyes fell on Key who was moving away from the wall. Guess he was the one to turn the light on. Taemin couldn't believe what he was seeing as his friends came forward to hug him and wish him well. He let his eyes finally fall onto Jongin and he almost teared up when he saw that he was indeed the one who was standing behind the cake. Jongin was standing there with a soft smile on his face and all his love for Taemin shining in his eyes as he let the older boy get congratulated by his hyungs and dongsaengs. Taemin separated himself from the others and began walking towards Jongin just as the younger boy moved in his direction. It felt to Taemin as if it would take forever for them to meet and it ended up with Taemin launching himself at him lover and platering their lips together in a hard passionate kiss.

"Alright kids break it up break it up." Key said loudly at Taemin and Jongin who ended their kiss with blushing faces. Jongin didn't let go of Taemin though, he kept his arms around Taemin's waist and placed his chin on Taemin's shoulder. Taemin didn't mind one bit. He was right where he wanted to be.

"How...?" Taemin asked looking around at the room that had been beautifully decorated. His friends had planned a secret and very special birthday party for him withouth him even catching a whiff.

"We decorated it ourselves." Sehun said proudly and Taemin's eyes widened. How had he not known of this.

"Of course it was all Jongin's idea..." Kyungsoo said and Taemin looked around at his lover quickly. Now it all made sense. The secret phone calls. The time Jongin spent with Kyungsoo. He had been planning this and there Taemin had been doubting his lover. He swore to make it up to him.

"You..so this is why...." Taemin said and Jongin nodded. Taemin pulled Jongin in for a long soft kiss. He had the best lover any one could ever ask for.

"I wanted to do something special for you.." Jongin said when the kiss ended. "The guys were more than happy to pitch in."

"Of course, things got done faster with Key oppa around." Amber said snickering slightly.

"Man it was like Hitler all over again." Jonghyun said with an exaggerated groan. Key smacked at his hand and Jonghyun stuck his tongue out at Key playfully.

"No for you tonight." Key said and Jonghyun pouted.

"Bummie baby..." Jonghyun whined. "Don't be mean.."

"And you're sleeping on the floor.." Key said ignoring Jonghyun's whining causing everybody to laugh at them.

"Alright let's cut this cake, Birthday boy~!" Jessica said and they moved over to cut the cake.

"Before we do that..." Jongin said and looked over at Key making Taemin frown.

Key nodded and went to a corner before returning to stand next to Jongin. Was their more going on that he didn't know about? He looked around and found everyone else looking just as puzzled as he was. Only Key seemed to be in the know here. Jongin took a deep breath and turned Taemin to face him. Taemin felt his heart stop when Key handed over a small box to Jongin before moving back away from the couple. Suddenly Taemin's heart remembered how to beat and shifted into overdrive as Jongin opened the box and went down on one knee before Taemin. The most exquisite ring could be seen glimmering in the small box but Taemin couldn't seem to take his eyes off of Jongin's nervous face. By now, everyone else in the room was beginning to get a grasp on what was going to happen. There were some soft squeals of "omo" and "kyaa" and then somebody [Key maybe] hushing them.

Jongin looked up at Taemin and swallowed as he gripped the one hand of Taemin's that he had been holding. All this whole time of preparations had been leading up to this one important point in his life. He had found something worth treasuring more than his dancing and in all the years he had spent together with Taemin, he knew he wanted to spend the remainder of them next to this one guy who made him feel like he could conquer the whole world. He breathed out deeply and stared up into Taemin's eyes almost getting himself lost in those soulful eyes and forgetting what he had been about to ask. His heart felt like it would just leap right out of his chest at how nervous he was. But this was what he wanted more than anything else and so Jongin gathered himself together and began speaking.

"Lee Taemin, you mean more than the world to me. You give me strength when I lose faith in myself and you encourage to go after what I want even when it seems impossible. Shinhwa sunbae-nim may had been my spark of interest in singing and dancing but you, Lee Taemin made me continue dancing and living my dreams. If I had a problem, I could talk to you about it. We fought a lot Taemin, and sometimes it turned really nasty." Jongin said and Taemin laughed slightly at that. It was true. There were times when they had came to blows with each other over stupid simple things. "But, we always make up back almost immediately because we had that connection Tae. A connection only few people get to experience and Tae..Falling in love with you was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Having you love me so unconditionally as well, was like a dream come true for me." Jongin continued and Taemin's eyes began watering. "So I guess what I'm trying to say here Taemin is that I love you very much and that I would love nothing better than to spend the rest of my life with you if you would have me. So will you marry me Lee Taemin?"

By now, the tears had spilt over and were running down freely over Taemin's cheeks. He clapped a hand over his mouth to keep the sobs in and nodded his head vigorously. Jongin's eyes lit up and Taemin felt that it would be appropriate to actually say his acceptance and so he forced his tears away and said, "Yes. YES!!! Yes I'll marry you Kim Jongin."

Jongin's face broke into a bright big happy smile as he removed the ring from the box and slid it onto Taemin's finger. Their friends cheered loudly for them as they kissed for a long and sweet kiss. When they broke apart they were enveloped into their friends arms as they congratulated them on their engagement.

"Key hyung, how did you know about this and the rest of us didn't?" Sehun asked turning to Key and Taemin did the same. He was curious too.

"Well, I had planned to keep it from everybody but..." Jongin said and Key smirked.

"I found out because he got a bit careless..." Key said with a smug look. "That ring is one of a kind Taemin."

"Huh?" Taemin said looking at his beautiful ring. "One of a kind?" Taemin looked between a blushing Jongin and a smug Key.

"I designed it." Key said smugly. "Personally for you."

Taemin looked down in shock at the ring and then back up at Key. "Really?"

"No it's my design." Jongin mumbled quietly and everyone looked at Key who rolled his eyes.

"Alright it's originally his but I took it and put a little twist to it and had it made." Key said throwing his hands up.

"Thanks hyung. It's beautiful." Taemin said hugging Key tightly. Taemin turned to Jongin and kissed him. "I love it. All of this, too. Thank you for such a special day. I love you." Taemin turned to his friends. "Thanks to all of you. My day became extra special. Thanks for coming."

"Alright let's cut this cake~!" Kangin said cheerfully and they all gathered around the cake table.

They sung the birthday song and Taemin cut the cake with his lover and a bright smile. Jongin kissed him softly before stopping a piece of cake into Taemin's mouth causing their friends to laugh. Taemin glared at Jongin and shoved a piece into his lover's mouth. Jongin took some icing and smeared it on Taemin's face but before Taemin could retaliate, Key was there stuffing Taemin's mouth with cake and smearing icing on his face as well. They all took turns feeding Taemin the cake after that and dabbing icing on his face as they had decided to skip smashing his face into the cake because he got engaged as well. After everyone had finished feeding Taemin, he went off to the bathroom to clean up his face with Key. When they returned, the music was blasting and everyone was dancing. Jonghyun came over and whisked Key away and Jongin came over and dragged Taemin onto the dance floor.

Justin Timberlake's Mirrror began playing as the two newly engaged couple began dancing with each other.

Aren't you somethin' to admire?
'Cause your shine is somethin' like a mirror
And I can't help but notice
You reflect in this heart of mine

They smiled into each other's eyes as they listened to the lyrics. Taemin was always in Jongin's heart and Jongin was always in Taemin's heart.

I'm lookin' right at the other half of me...

Jongin pulled Taemin in closer as they moved their body to the song completely lost in each other. Jongin was nothing without Taemin and Taemin couldn't be without Jongin. They were each other's other half.

It's like you're my mirror
My mirror staring back at me
I couldn't get any bigger
With anyone else beside of me
And now it's clear as this promise
That we're making two reflections into one
'Cause it's like you're my mirror
My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me

How appropriate the chorus felt. They were mirror image of each other and they felt their best with the other by their side. Jongin had climbed the ladder to dancing with Taemin's help and today they made the beginning of their promise for forever.

"I'll love you forever." Jongin vowed and Taemin smiled.

"I'll love you for forever too Jonginie.." Taemin said.

"Taeminie.." Jongin said with a naughty smile. "Dance off!"

"WHOOO!!" Everyone cheered loudly and then they began taking sides. Loud chants of "KAI KAI KAI!!!" and "TAEMIN TAEMIN TAEMIN!!!" filled the room as the two moved fluidly on the floor and when it ended it was agreed up by Key that it had been a tie. Soon after, Yunho and Eunhyuk took to the floor and the chanting started up again. Taemin smiled happily as he cheered for his hyungs whilst standing in the arms of his one true love. He grinned when he felt Jongin's lips on his neck.

"I love you." Jongin murmured into his ears causing him to shiver.

"I love you too." Taemin replied as their friends cheered loudly.

Soon everyone was competing together and just having a crazy fun time and Taemin looked over at Jongin and smiled happily before moving to Key who was dancing perfectly to a girl group song.

"Hyung!" Taemin called and Key looked up at Taemin and grinned. "Thanks for kidnapping me!"

"Anytime~" Key said with a grin.

"Can I kidnap you now baby?" Jonghyun asked putting his arms around Key causing Key to blush.

"Yah.." was all Key got out before Jonghyun kissed him and Taemin turned away from them with a grin but came to a halt when he saw Jongin before him.

"Hmmm...Enjoying yourself?" Jongin asked.

"Totally! This is the best birthday ever!" Taemin said smiling happily as Jongin pulled Taemin into his arms.

"Good. Because I miss making you scream out my name." Jongin whispered into Taemin's ears causing him to shiver. "When they leave, we're staying here for a couple of weeks...so I can make you scream to my heart's content."

"We have our whole life for me to scream for you baby.." Taemin murmured as Jongin kissed him passionately, their tongues tangling into a hot mess as they moaned into each other's mouth. The future looked bright and Jongin had made it the best birthday he had ever experienced. Taemin couldn't wait for the days to come as they ended the kiss and got dragged over to dance again.




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Chapter 10: Omg this chapter was so awesome! I like how it was like two different stories then it became one when Taemin and Kai met. And I looooove how Kai and Heechul protects Taemin. I liked the ending but I also hope for a part 2 if possible with relationship development and maybe a three way relationship for a while between Taemin, Kai and Heechul ;) Anyway awesome one-shot and looking forward to more! <3
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Chapter 10: Omg this one is so good >_<
I was gonna asking about sequel but I think the ending is better left out like that, it opens for future development to our own imaginations. I think this is just perfect! <3
*but if u decided to make the sequel in the future, I'd glady read them kekeke*
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Chapter 1: I love first chapter so much...I'm so weak for canon taekai and I think that's why I keep rereading it
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Chapter 10: Hi, new reader here and i love your fic so much ?
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Chapter 10: YAY!!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!! I love your story and the way you write. Thank you for the wonderful story<3
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Chapter 9: I really loved all the oneshotes and I hope you'll update soon, fighting.
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Chapter 1: <3<3 cute cutee
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Chapter 8: Jsbixvdjjchfnjfvfjjdgxhjdbjxnxjfnn
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Chapter 6: This TaeKai Story It's Sweet & Loving:)