Beast VS SHINee

Maid of Force

Crap. All eyes were on me, even SHINee.

"Why are you trying to run from Beast?" Seohyun ask me.
"SooJin Sunbae!" Doon Woon yell at me.

I shyly stand straight, turning back to wave at Beast.


All of the fans were giving me a deadly glare look.

It's. Over. I'm. Doom.

"Her? She's the little maid?" Onew question.
"Yah. Isn't she that stupid girl who always get lecture for sleeping in class?" Key added.
"It is her!" MinHo call out.

"She's not stupid!" Hyun Seung yell out.
"She's smarter than you!" Gi Kwang added.

Beast. You guys.. are so amazing! They were backing me up?
 I mean, I'm just a maid to them.. I wouldn't expect them to back me up like this..

"Prove it then!" JongHyun yell back.
"Oh yeah!?" Jun Hyung argue back. "Fine! I'll prove it!"

Beast member and SHINee member were now in front of each other.

Oh no.. This is all my fault.. I need to do something.. Fast...

"You can't dance like we can." MinHo smirk at them.
"You can't rap like I can." Jun Hyung threw at them.

"STOP!!!" I scream.

Woah. I didn't expect all of them to look at me.

"Yah.. You can scream." Seohyun complimented me.
"Thanks." I say to her.

"Today.. I don't want you to start a fight. Beast, let's go. SHINee, you, stop being so CONCEITED!"

And with that, I walk into the van. Beast members trail behind me.

"Yah. You sure can scream. I was frighten for a bit." Jun Hyung commented.
"Well that's the only way to get your attentions and I'm sorry for scaring you."
"We didn't mean to intrude like this.." Doon Woon explain.
"We just wanted to give you a surprise since you work so hard the past few weeks." Yoseob continue.
"We're sorry." Doo Joon apologize.

I wasn't mad at them. I was mad at SHINee. Them and their conceiteness.

"Who's up for Karaoke?" I ask.

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Nizzberry1 #2
Chapter 24: Infinite is the group
Plmokn #3
Good story
@ Rosesbydonzen - My bias is actually Yoseob but I choose Dongwoon because he's the same age and youngest amongst the group. You get to see him growing up from his teen ages to being a premature adult. :)
Love your fan fic! <3 BEAST is AWESOME!!! ^^ My bias is Gi/Ki Kwang! :p And according to the fan fic and the sequel, I THINK your bias in BEAST is Dong Woon?! :p
@ MariaNoble - Yes I know I misspelled his name. Got lazy at correcting his name. Haha.
MariaNoble #7
Finished it all *o* and loved it lots =D it's awesome, you did a great job ^^ and as for the Doon Woon... so it was misspelling .__. anyway his name seems to be spelled right in the Sequel xD gonna go read it ^^ will be rather interesting with U-Kiss I guess ;D
MariaNoble #8
I've just read the 1st & 2nd chaps and liked it pretty much but upon seeing the name of 3rd chap n re-reading Characters' name I cant help but think "Isn't the maknae supposed to be called 'SON DONGWOON' ? The Arab prince, the handsome, masculine, matured looking Son Dongwoon!!! " I... dont know... maybe it was the typing thingy but... it just keeps taking my attention .___.
@ mysteriousaura209 - Thanks. You're too modest. ^^<br />
<br />
@ XPurplePandasX - Sequal? HHmm.. Haven't thought about it until you ask.. I'll think about it. ^^
Aww.. this is acute a loveable story!! <br />
I enjoy reading this!! Keep up the good work!!