warm blooded


  Back with a new fanfic !! To be honest, i don't have any high hopes that this fanfic will get alot of views but, i got interested in Jongyoon couple so i decided to write one ! Firstly, please please please comment and suscribe ! I will try my best to write better this time because my english isn't that good... soooo enjoy ? ^_^



Name : Lee Jonghyun, 24 this year.

Comes from a very rich family. Parent owns couple of companys in busan and seoul , unfortunately they died in a car accident when Jonghyun was young. Ever since then, he became cold and don't trust people easily. Got in FNC enternainment when he was 13 years old.



Name : Im yoona , 21 this year.

Came from a rich family too, owns 3 companys at seoul. Got in sm entertainment when she was 8 years old.

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Chapter 8: To be honest, your story idea kinda good and i feel it will be more interesting in every chapter. But it seemed that you wrote this story in rush, so it's kinda boring. And that mades the main point of every chapter seems blurr.
sonemanu #2
Chapter 8: Pls continue this ps pls
jjjong #3
Chapter 8: who is the new guy?
jjjong #4
Chapter 7: I am still reading deerburning continue this story please
Tyaswy #5
Chapter 6: Hello sorry for my late but your story is very interesting update juseyo~
skhr65 #6
Chapter 6: came back pleaseeee~ >,<
Chapter 5: Me me me!! I am still their forever shipper hehe
Please update soon ^^
Punkrockjazz #8
Chapter 4: interesting...
jjjong #9
Chapter 3: interesting but
mixed with idol life..
kind weird...
itzdiah #10
Chapter 2: too short but its okay :)
upate soon~