130727 EXO @ Star King


**did you guys know about the leaked practice vid of EXO's GROWL?

if so please stop spreading the vid :(

Youngmin-ssi might do something if we continue to leak EXO vids/songs w/ permission

*a/n: Young-min/Youngmin is SM's current CEO

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Chapter 247: I'm happy... someone ships Sehun and Naeun
Chapter 325: How do I find it? I found the Korean and Chinese accounts but can't find the English one! :(
AngelicSu #3
Chapter 645: Exo, please come to Myanmar~ T.T Poor Myanmar fangirl~ :'(
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 93: *Died* Kai is too cute to be true >< Who knows that a hot guy like him can be this cute?
Chapter 645: I knowwwww.. I hope EXO come to Myanmar soon!
we're so damn unlucky.. >_<
Chapter 280: Ohhhhh, they have different numbers lol I thought they all had 88 well I guess I have kai number then since I got a sweatshirt that says growl and 88 on the bottome
rhein_1101 #7
this one is daebak!wow...i want to watch it all
Chapter 325: I can't find it on LINE :(
Chapter 231: where can I watch the video where exo eats Pizza ??
Frida-lm96 #10
Chapter 568: OMG im crying! poor Tao oppa :'( I love him so much! <3