JunSeob vs DooSeob vs KiSeob ?


Doojoon - Junhyung - Kikwang - Yoseob



Yang Yoseob (17) is well-mannered , cool and respectfull kid. But indeed, he wants to be cute afterall, but he is forbidden to do cute action by his father. And Yoseob is struggling because of that. He acted all out of nothing in his school, but he ended drop out from school for some reasons that will be explain later on. Now, he entered new school, he has no intentions at first, but then.....


- Characters -

Yang Yoseob     : As well as I explained before, he PRETENDED to be cool and well-mannered, but indeed he IS cute and loud. He has a motto " I LOVE MY FRIENDS " but then he changed his motto after he dropped out from school. He lost his confidence towards people.(What exactly is the problem? - Actually it's the problem I don't even find out yet, that's why I keep write dropped out from school..haha..any ideas? ) He became friends with Dongwoon and only open his true-self to Dongwoon and Hyunseung.

Yoon Doojoon    : He is the class leader, he is not that smart, but eveyone can trust him in his work, he always care for everyone. He caught every girls and boys attention. His motto "NO ONE THAT CAN'T FALL FOR ME " . He noticed that his motto was wrong after he meet Yoseob in Yoseob's first day at school. Then he become interested in Yoseob and more.

Yong Junhyung  : A trouble-maker man...that is what everbody call him. Afterall, he is a jerk, a 'don't care man' who doesn't care about anything as long as he wanted and needed something, he must get it. He doesn't want to know what everybody is thinking and doesn't even care about other person's feelings. He found Yoseob as the first person who can stop him from his 'don't care man'.

Lee Kikwang      : A nice person, he is rather dumb. He is always make the class alive. But indeed, he has nothing inside. He wants to be alive inside as he is outside. At first he has no intentions at Yoseob, but since they become closer after an incident (still thinking), Kikwang notice that he wants Yoseob for himself.

Son Dongwoon  : He is a 'Bithday Man'. He always tells a joke about birthday. And he even said that everyday is his birthday, but no one notice the true day of his birthday because of his joke. No one want to be close friend of him because he always lying, but Yoseob break that opinion, Dongwoon becomes Yoseob's bestfriend, of course Dongwoon is the one that makes Yoseob gain his confidence towards people.

Jang Hyunseung  : He is the class secretary, he is in charge of the new person entered the class, that means Yoseob. He lectured Yoseob in his school. Hyunseung means a brother to Yoseob, Yoseob always wants a brother like him since he has no brother.

Next is 15 more people to go...I am too lazy to write them all...So, I just make some sumarise..There will be MBLAQ and SHINee..


Woo...I am just thinking about how cute Yoseob is...And everyone wants him.

I always want to write this kind of story..

Hope all will like it...


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catsKatty #1
Chapter 44: This fanfic just perfect!! I like the junseob, dooseob, and kiseob couple... But I the Junseob couple more~~ to be honest I'm a kiseob shipper... But when read the dooseob and the junseob couple I think I started to ship those couple too!! Great job author-nim!! Keep up the good work~~
jennyha5897 #2
Chapter 40: why don't you make a kiseung and a doowoon along with junseob :( i don't want to see them being lonely
Chapter 44: Sooo cute! My favorite were the junsoeb moments even though I am a kiseob fan LOL Even though junjun didn't get to kiss soebbie at all!
Chapter 44: the BEST story that i've read!!!!!!!!!
i really love and enjoy junseob couple moments ^^~
gud job, junjunloveseobbie!
this fic really looks interesting!!
Chapter 44: how can you make Dooseob kiss?! What about Junseob and Kiseob!? Isn't unfair!?
sorry...I just don't like dooseob much...
Dreamingstar_TK #7
Chapter 44: Hehee love the story !! Hahaha
tehsweety #8
nice story..
so cuteee...
But i love junseob pairing the most
GaemChau #9
Literally just sat down and read this all the way through^^
I hope you write another one like it~ :)
SarangYoseob #10