The Misfits: Lost King

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Vampires, Humans, Werewolves. They all live in the same world; fighting each other for the survival of their own species. Distracted by war, no one noticed that strange things are happening. Unnoticed, subtle and dangerous. The daughters and sons of the earth are on the rise and their marching could overthrow the world into chaos and destruction.

[This will be the rewritten version, so for everyone who subscribed to it just now, I am very sorry for the lack of the chaps^^;;]



Thanks to coryzaliaa for the most awesome teaser ever, again ;)


Hello everyone, here is Akacchiin - or Aka for short - with the sequel to The Misfits!


If you hevan't read it yet, then you should do it, because things will be less confusing then ;)

And for the rest, have fune reading ;)


Rated for language, fighting scenes, suggestive scenes in some chaps! I warned you!



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Chapter 5: Is that actually you in the picture at the beginning??? You're very pretty.

I finished reading The Misfits and now I'm here. Out of all the characters I'm happy you chose Sehun because I wanted him to have a happy ending so badly (also I love Luhan and Sehun lol).

Thank you for writing these!
Chapter 5: I miss this fic, hope you could update :)
MrsDuckbutt #3
Chapter 5: Cant wait foe the next chapter! Thanks!
Chapter 5: Re-reading this again, huhu can't wait for the update! :) hope you're doing fine .
Wow it is very good, love the story
Chapter 5: I do wish that you would update again. Though it feels futile to wait, I still will. It would be a shame if this story were to end so early in the making.
Chapter 5: omg omg omg pls update
CherryOh #8
Chapter 5: I've been there since 2012, and I'll still wait patiently for your updates
Bbaexx #9
Chapter 5: Update, author-nim......
vlrynn #10
Chapter 5: its already new year but ill always wait